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Avangrid takes action again to remove Snell from siting board

Mr. Snell declined to recuse himself in a letter dated Sept. 18, writing in letter to Ms. Burgess, “It is my personal belief that I am well-suited and qualified to represent the communities of Parishville and Hopkinton on the Siting Board. It is also my personal belief that I have no more conflicts of interest or bias regarding the proposed North Ridge Wind energy project than anyone else serving on the Siting Board.”
2 Oct 2017

Unions push to secure employment for Copenhagen wind farm construction

“The fact that they are not hiring local people solidifies our position going forward that full taxation is the right position,” Mr. Gray said, adding that having only 20 percent of the company’s workforce consist of local labor “basically nullifies (the developer’s) argument that it creates construction jobs ... that doesn’t create any for our people.”
2 Oct 2017

Wind power hits headwinds in New York

In short, the governor and his myriad allies on the Left love to promote renewables, but wind energy — the linchpin of their all-renewable schemes — continues to be stymied by a fundamental problem: it requires way too much territory.
28 Sep 2017

Parishville man will stay on state siting board, despite wind developer's motion to remove him

 A Parishville man will get to stay on the New York Siting Board on Electronic Siting and the Environment following a motion by a wind developer to have him removed for what they say was a conflict of interest. Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess mailed a letter to Gary Snell Sr. stating that the siting board had no authority to disqualify or remove Snell from the board.
24 Sep 2017

Number Three Wind developers seeking Lowville wind law waivers

Developers of the Number Three Wind project are requesting several waivers from the town of Lowville’s zoning law, and town officials plan to discuss the matter next month. “Let’s listen to them and let them make their case,” town attorney Raymond A. Meier told councilmen at a recent meeting. “We can talk about whether it’s in the best interest of the town.”
18 Sep 2017

Malone approves moratorium after developer proposes 900-acre solar farm project

The proposed creation of a 900-acre solar farm prompted the Town Board on Wednesday to approve a three-month moratorium on the development of such projects. The delay –– which is similar to one adopted by the town of Bellmont earlier this year –– is intended to give board members time to research a possible local law regulating solar energy projects in the town.
15 Sep 2017

Wind company opposes appointment to state Siting Board

Rodney Votra, the town supervisor in Parishville, wrote a letter on Tuesday to the Siting Board in support of Mr. Snell ...“When tasked with selecting nominations for the ad hoc committee, I was very transparent about selecting individuals from both sides of this issue,” wrote Mr. Votra in the letter. “This appears to be nothing more than an attempt by Avangrid to silence the opposition.”
7 Sep 2017

LI fishing grounds mapped as wind farm plans take shape

Gill-net fisherman Richard Stevens said there’s so much fishing at various times of year in the proposed areas that the “entire map should be colored in.” He suggested the turbines will make a difficult navigation at sea even harder. “It’s hard enough to work with each other,” putting fixed gear out of the way of trawlers. “Now if you’re trying to avoid wind farms, that can create real problems. It will.”
4 Sep 2017

Tense open meeting in Hopkinton on turbines

A public hearing on a law regulating the establishment of wind turbines brought out more than 70 people, mostly to register grave concerns about the project. The meeting, hosted by the Hopkinton Town Council, was at times openly hostile, with one wind farm opponent being ejected.
22 Aug 2017
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