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They're not blown away by NJ's offshore wind power plans

New Jersey is moving aggressively to become the leader in the fast-growing offshore wind energy industry on the East Coast, but not everyone is blown away by those ambitious plans. While the state's Democratic political leadership is solidly behind a rapid build-out of wind energy projects off the coast — it has set a goal of generating 100% of its energy from clean sources by 2050 — opposition is growing among citizens groups, and even some green energy-loving environmentalists are wary of the pace and scope of the plans.
17 Jul 2021

Cape May County NJ resolution on Ocean Wind

This resolution passed unanimously by the Cape May County Commissioner Board urges Orsted, PSEG, and the State of New Jersey to comprehensively and thoughtfully engage community stakeholders to address concerns of the potential detrimental impacts that the Ocean Wind project may cause to the environment, fishing industry, business community, and residents of Cape May County
27 Apr 2021

N.J. fishing groups worry offshore wind will adversely affect their industry: ‘This is our farmland’

They worry that wind farms with their soaring turbines could disrupt fish habitat, reroute fishing lanes, and force sport anglers farther out to sea. Lackner, of Montauk, N.Y., believes that the farms will narrow the currently wide-open pathways to the vessel he docks at Cape May so often that he calls it his second home. “We’ll have to tow in between turbines while dragging a quarter mile of gear,” Lackner said. “We’ll be passing boats, as our gear drifts. ... It’s not good to jump right into wind in such a big way.”
19 Apr 2021

Ocean City residents launch petition against offshore wind farm

A proposed offshore wind farm continues to draw opposition from New Jersey's southern coastal communities. Ørsted's proposed project aims to construct 99 wind turbines about 15 miles off the coast from Atlantic City to Cape May. The wind turbines are expected to produce enough energy to power half a million homes by 2024, according to Ørsted officials.
11 Mar 2021

Noisy wind turbines cause resident complaints; Borough officials cut operating time for turbines

Several noise violations from the borough's two power-generating wind turbines has led the Borough Council to shut the systems down between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. during the week. ...Borough officials received correspondence dated March 30 from the Ocean County Health Department indicating that a noise recording demonstrated violations of the state administrative code.
12 Jul 2012

The answer's not blowing in the wind

"People says the sound is like sneakers in the dryer or a threshing plant or a jet that never lands," she said. "If you close the windows and doors to keep out the noise, things are still going to vibrate." The tips of the turbine blades can reach speeds of 150 mph, killing lots of migrating birds.
12 Feb 2012

Residents voice concerns over Walmart windmills

If Walmart extends their lighting poles and installs the windmills "It’s going to look like a circus,” he said. But residents are not only worried about what they will see when looking out their windows. “I think it would be a safety concern,” Kim Zarycki said as she reflected on when wind turbines malfunctioned on two Forked River farms this past year.
26 Jul 2011

Truth is blowing in the wind

On page 5 of a GE Energy document titled "Wind Energy Basics", it states, "Siting wind turbines and assessing the feasibility of a proposed location must consider factors such as Community Acceptance and compatibility with adjacent land uses. ... Hence, megawatt-scale wind turbines cannot be located in densely populated areas." In Union Beach a "densely populated area" begins 1,080 feet from the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority's site for their proposed 380-foot-tall GE industrial wind turbine.
22 Dec 2010

Bill makes building of wind turbines on land almost impossible in New Jersey

When state Sen. Sean Kean saw the fierce opposition a proposed wind turbine stirred in his shore-area district, he came up with a solution: Bar the construction of industrial electricity-generating windmills within 2,000 feet of any residentially zoned land. But in the most densely populated state in the nation, environmentalists say it's a case of "not in my back yard" gone wild.
1 Dec 2010

Lawmakers back wind turbine bill

Rible said there are enough questions about the safety of siting turbines close to homes to merit caution. "As a state legislator, I can't sign off until I know for sure it won't affect people in the area," he said. Rible and Angelini also co-sponsored a resolution specifically opposing the National Guard Training Center project.
26 Oct 2010

Windmill farm limits churn up mixed reactions

Though he's publicly embraced energy-producing windmill farms, Gov. Chris Christie has literally drawn a line in the sand restricting them from being built on certain sections of New Jersey's coastline. ..."We have to recognize that there are some areas that are particularly sensitive," said Ruth Ehinger, manager of the state coastal management and watershed restoration unit.
21 Sep 2010
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