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Ocean City set to take on Trenton on new wind power rule

In January, members of the Ocean City Council suggested denying the Danish energy giant Ørsted permission to bring power lines across its jurisdiction as a means of slowing down a massive wind energy project off the coast. That option could be taken off the table under a state bill now on Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk. Some members of City Council are furious, calling the bill an attack on the principles of home rule.
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Northampton adopts ordinance regulating construction of alternative energy systems

The new law, while encouraging wind turbines, solar energy panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems, will regulate the construction of what officials said could be "potentially intrusive facilities" in the township. "If someone puts a solar panel in, it may work very well for that homeowner but there could be various problems with its looks or even with glare."
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No wind turbines in my back yard, town says

Residents won't be seeing wind turbines going up close to their homes under new zoning rules adopted this week. The Township Council unanimously adopted the measure after a heated debate Wednesday night ...The new rules ban turbines within 1,640 feet - 500 meters - of residential neighborhoods, schools or day care centers. Council members approved the measure after defending their green credentials and saying they would not be intimated by threats of litigation.
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Group assails power line plan

A federal proposal to make New Jersey part of a special corridor for new electric power lines is cause for alarm, a state environmental group contends. "This designation would give utilities the right to use eminent domain to acquire private property to build their lines," said Jeff Tittel, head of the New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club. It would also encourage the production and transmission of electricity from coal-fired plants at a time when the state is trying to promote clean and renewable energy, Tittle warned.
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