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Court halts wind turbine delivery

The borough has stopped - at least for now - a wind turbine slated to be built at the regional sewerage plant here. Robert C. Fischer, Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority's executive director, called the latest news "disappointing."
21 Jul 2012

Superior Court issues injunction to block turbine delivery

On Wednesday, July 18, Judge Mary Catherine Cuff of the New Jersey State Superior Court granted the Borough of Union Beach an injunction ordering the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority (BRSA) to refrain from shipping and assembling a 386-foot-tall industrial wind turbine into the borough until a decision could be reached in a still-pending appeals case.
18 Jul 2012

Noisy wind turbines cause resident complaints; Borough officials cut operating time for turbines

Several noise violations from the borough's two power-generating wind turbines has led the Borough Council to shut the systems down between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. during the week. ...Borough officials received correspondence dated March 30 from the Ocean County Health Department indicating that a noise recording demonstrated violations of the state administrative code.
12 Jul 2012

Borough seeks injunction on wind turbine

Union Beach, where the energy-producing turbine will be located, has sought an injunction to stop the delivery of the turbine's parts starting around July 23, said Union Beach Mayor Paul J. Smith. A hearing date on the injunction has not been set yet.
7 Jul 2012

Consultants cool to N.J. wind farm proposal

"Net benefits of the project were not demonstrated because key underlying assumptions of applicants' cost-benefit analysis were not adequately substantiated." The applicants failed to address the possibility of a negative job impact caused by consumers paying above-market prices for power from the wind farms compared with electricity from conventional power plants.
29 Feb 2012

Delaware Township adopts rules regulating wind energy systems

It sets parameters for permitting, installation and potential abandonment. For instance, setbacks will be based upon a wind tower's height. Those 35 feet tall or shorter will be held to general township setback requirements, while those 35 to 70 feel tall will require a setback twice the township standard. Systems 105 to 120 feet will need a setback four times the township standard.
17 Feb 2012

The answer's not blowing in the wind

"People says the sound is like sneakers in the dryer or a threshing plant or a jet that never lands," she said. "If you close the windows and doors to keep out the noise, things are still going to vibrate." The tips of the turbine blades can reach speeds of 150 mph, killing lots of migrating birds.
12 Feb 2012

Company awaiting approval for offshore wind farm plan

Fishermen's Energy of Cape May wants to build the wind farm about 2.8 miles off Atlantic City. It plans to erect five wind turbines that would produce up to 25 megawatts, capable of powering about 10,000 homes. The company hopes that the state Board of Public Utilities will issue a decision on its proposal by March.
16 Jan 2012
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