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Noisy wind turbines cause resident complaints; Borough officials cut operating time for turbines

Several noise violations from the borough's two power-generating wind turbines has led the Borough Council to shut the systems down between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. during the week. ...Borough officials received correspondence dated March 30 from the Ocean County Health Department indicating that a noise recording demonstrated violations of the state administrative code.
12 Jul 2012

Ocean Gate turbine noise probed

The borough's wind turbine has become a lightning rod. First praised as innovative, the turbine has since been criticized by several residents for its noise pollution. Now, those residents are still debating the turbine's value as Ocean County Health Department officials investigate noise complaints.
29 Apr 2010

Environmentalists are tilting at windmills

Last November I drove across the country, mostly along back roads. In the middle of Iowa, I came upon a fascinating spectacle. Giant windmills filled the fields in every direction. I watched them turn slowly in the breeze. They looked like an army of giant robots marching across the middle of nowhere. And that's exactly where they belong. Stick one of these things in crowded New Jersey and it's a different story. I learned that the other day when I witnessed a windmill in Ocean Gate, a pleasant little community at the mouth of the mighty Toms River.
11 Apr 2010
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