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BPU puts another obstacle in way of offshore wind pilot

BPU commissioners expressed questions about the financial integrity of the project. They particularly opposed a provision in the settlement to saddle ratepayers with another $19.2 million in costs, above and beyond what they will pay for the electricity produced by the wind farm, if the projected federal incentives fall short of expectations.
22 Jul 2013

Atlantic wind power 'backbone' plan amended? Plan now envisions Jersey-only offshore cable

Part of the idea was to link wind farms planned from Boston to Virginia so each could offset dips in power generation by the others and make the power supply more reliable. ...At the time, NRG Energy still planned a wind farm off of Delaware and interest in a similar outpost off of Ocean City, Md., was growing. Since then, however, NRG Energy has shelved its Delaware plan and progress in Maryland has dcragged on slowly.
16 Jun 2013

State may start funding energy-storage projects for solar and wind

Because the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow, energy storage is viewed as key to promoting cleaner ways of producing electricity. Energy storage is still under development. Given the intermittent nature of solar and wind, it is viewed as crucial to making clean energy competitive with conventional technologies like natural gas and coal-fired plants.
10 Apr 2013

BRSA turbine parts damaged during Sandy

A significant portion of the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority's multimillion dollar wind turbine was heavily damaged during superstorm Sandy, according to BRSA Executive Director Robert Fischer. The turbine's nacelle - which contains vital components such as the generator and gearbox - was likely lost during massive flooding at the Port of Newark on Oct. 29.
27 Mar 2013

N.J. legislators hope to extend wind incentives

New Jersey is hoping to lure an offshore wind manufacturer to the state to help jump-start a green industry, but a lucrative incentive aimed at attracting the business is no longer available. qualify, a company had to make its decision by the end of 2012. With a Chinese manufacturer offering to build a facility ...the bill is likely to move forward before the new fiscal year begins in June.
19 Mar 2013

At $200M, Fishermen's Energy pilot wind farm still too pricey for rate counsel

Stefanie Brand, director of the division, yesterday said the pilot project nearly three miles off Atlantic City, is still opposed by her office. "It's just too expensive,'' she said. ...The projected costs also have raised alarm among business groups, which have consistently pressed the Christie administration to find ways to lower energy bills in New Jersey
15 Mar 2013

Elusive offshore wind pilot moves closer to go/no-go decision

By the end of June, the state may decide if an offshore wind farm will be built about three miles from Atlantic City's beaches. In an order signed last Thursday, the New Jersey Board of Utilities established a procedural schedule, saying it expects to take action on the proposal by June 30 -- an application that has been pending before the regulatory agency since May 2011.
12 Mar 2013

Winds of change at BRSA

"The continuation of the proposed wind turbine will cause further division, additional loss of tranquility and create a significant impairment to bring local residents together at a time when partnerships, collaborations, relationships and a strong community for a generation or more is needed to rebuild Union Beach and the entire coastline of Raritan Bay."
27 Feb 2013

A grass-roots revolt on green energy

The enviros are up against nothing less than a grassroots revolt against their entire alternative-energy strategy. They sold it as a painless way to power the world without carbon emissions. ...But now people are learning that to produce all that power, these things have to be huge - and they have to be in our backyards.
25 Feb 2013

Despite positive signs, future of N.J. wind energy remains uncertain

"I think wind energy is a good thing but they have to be very careful about ratepayer subsidy," said Stefanie Brand, executive director for the Rate Counsel, essentially the state's watchdog. "Unless we are going to get a greater benefit than it costs us, money wise and environmental benefit, we can't ask ratepayers to subsidize it." Fishermen's Energy, whose website says it will begin construction this year, is still trying to convince the BPU about those benefits.
20 Jan 2013

Destroying nature in order to save it

"This used to be inundated with wildlife," Lourenco said. "There were deer, woodchuck, foxes ... " Soon, this will all be fenced off behind a chain-link wall. The natural area to be destroyed will total 45 acres. Who is responsible for this environmental disaster? You can blame this one on the tree-huggers themselves. All of this acreage will be sacrificed for so-called "green energy."
21 Oct 2012

Superior Court rules for BRSA

In her decision, Kilgallen said that the DEP permit - in conjunction with a state statute passed shortly after the Union Beach ordinance that forbids municipalities from imposing unreasonable restrictions on turbine projects - prevented the borough from applying its ordinance to the BRSA turbine.
19 Oct 2012

Union Beach hires lawyer for wind turbine fight

In August, it was ruled that the authority needed site plan approval from the borough Planning Board before it could install and operate the wind turbine. Now, BRSA will be asking Union Beach to correct what Fischer has called a mapping error. The borough's zoning map places the BRSA property in a residential zone.
30 Sep 2012
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