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State targets renewable energy sources

Twenty percent of the electricity consumed in New Jersey by 2020 must come from renewable sources, such as wind and sun, up from 1 percent today, according to new regulations adopted unanimously Wednesday by the state’s Board of Public Utilities. “Increased use of renewable resources, specifically solar, will provide greater fuel diversity for New Jersey, while simultaneously reducing price volatility, strengthening the economy, improving public health and reducing greenhouse gases,” said Jeanne M. Fox, utilities board president. New Jersey Public Interest Research Group and the Sierra Club applauded the decision, but the state’s leading business and industry group warned that the rules will end up costing ratepayers more.
5 Nov 2006

Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind?

Yet, despite the operation of New Jersey’s small wind project since January, there is uncertainty about whether wind farms, particularly gigantic turbines positioned off the region’s coastline, will be embraced here. On Long Island, a 40-turbine project being considered off the South Shore is facing stiff resistance from opponents who argue that the turbines will damage pristine ocean views, fail to deliver cost-effective electricity and create environmental problems. In New Jersey, powerful local politicians have lined up behind wind power, where up to 80 turbines — rising 380 feet or more above the water along the South Jersey coastline — have been proposed to take advantage of the near-constant breezes.
3 Nov 2006

Public comment courted on state energy plan

Anyone concerned about New Jersey’s energy consumption — or how he or she will be affected by the governor’s proposed energy diet — will have a chance to sound off Thursday at Atlantic Cape Community College. The college is hosting the last of four public meetings this week on Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s proposal to cut the state’s projected energy consumption by 20 percent and get more than 20 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2020.
25 Oct 2006

Survey: More in Monmouth favor wind turbines

Shore-wide polling of residents and summer visitors showed Monmouth County beachgoers most inclined to accept offshore wind power turbines and almost half of Ocean County respondents in favor. Those interviewed in Atlantic County coastal communities were more resistant.
23 Oct 2006

Wind power isn't reliable enough to satisfy electricity needs

California's power shortage confirms that all of the hoopla over wind energy's credentials as a clean and renewable source of electricity is undercut by the reality of its unreliability. During an extremely hot week in August, when air conditioners were cranked up and the state was on the brink of rolling blackouts, how much help did the state get from its beloved 2,500 megawatts of wind power? Only 4 percent of its capacity, according to the California Independent System Operator, which is responsible for the state's electricity grid. Southern California Edison's 2,200 megawatts of wind capacity generated only 45 megawatts. In other words, wind energy works great — except when you need air conditioning.
13 Oct 2006

Conference focuses on clean energy

More than 500 business and market leaders throughout the state met Tuesday to learn about the latest trends in renewable energy financing, energy-efficient technologies and market transformation at the Clean Energy Conference. The event was hosted by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and its Clean Energy Program.
20 Sep 2006

County maps out energy agenda

Weinstein said a county facility management representative will be meeting with the firm Switch LLC to discuss the possibility of bringing alternative forms of energy to the county. After the meeting the county and the company will be conducting a survey of area homes and businesses to see which forms of energy would best meet the county's needs. The meeting will take place in the upcoming weeks and the survey will follow that, according to Weinstein.
22 Aug 2006

Shore no place for wind test

Wind power is advocated as a clean, renewable energy source. We have no problem with that. But we'd prefer that it be harnessed elsewhere. The potential harm to the ecosystem and tourism should be reason enough to scrap the test project.
8 May 2006

Winds of change? - Panel recommends building wind turbines off New Jersey coast

A "test project" with up to 80 wind turbines should be built off New Jersey's coast to learn more about the potential impact and benefits of offshore wind power, a state panel recommended. But the potential impact may be significant and New Jersey must stress conservation before pursuing energy facilities in the ocean, according to a minority report included in the package.
3 May 2006

State of The Coast

ATLANTIC CITY — With coastal communities from Cape Cod to Virginia buzzing over the possibility of wind turbines rising in coastal waters, the wind power industry's biggest advertisement is right here alongside U.S. Route 30.
12 Mar 2006
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