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Rooftop solar panels become new enemy of U.S. firefighters

Loved by the green movement, solar panels pose a growing threat to firefighters, who may suffer electrical shocks from panels that typically cannot be turned off, said John Drengenberg, consumer safety director for Underwriters Laboratories. Even when systems are equipped with shutoffs, any light can keep panels and their wires energized.
5 Sep 2013

Matawan raises concerns over turbine transport

Municipalities along the transport route for a wind turbine bound for Union Beach are not yet on board with the transport of 200 tons of components through their borders. "The concern the council has, and that includes myself, is that Matawan is a historic municipality dating back 325 years.
28 Dec 2011

Wind taken out of sails

"It is likely that one blade failed, and the imbalance created gyroscopic forces that broke the other two," Jones said. That is small comfort to those considering wind turbines. ...But with so many projects on hold and so much at stake, these flaws need to be addressed quickly - before someone is decapitated.
25 Apr 2011

Wind turbine failures in Lacey put state energy program on hold

Knoeller's 17-year-old granddaughter was working with horses near the tower when the blades flew off. "One of them nearly hit her. ...The most disappointing aspect of this project prior to the blades falling off was the electric production was only 25 percent of what I was told I was going to get . The catastrophic blade failure was the last straw," Knoeller added.
24 Apr 2011

State shuts down onshore wind turbine program after major malfunction

The problem occurred on March 2 when a still unexplained major malfunction on a recently installed wind turbine caused all three blades to break loose, Reinert said. On March 8, the clean energy office staff directed the program coordinator to issue a notice to stakeholders advising that "Effective immediately, there is a temporary hold on all new REIP wind applications."
25 Mar 2011

Plane crash was second fatal accident in week related to wind-turbine research

The plane crash that killed two people and injured two more Saturday was the second fatal accident in less than a week involving researchers studying the effects that off-shore wind turbines might have on the environment. On May 12, a crewmember of a Flemington-based research vessel, studying the effects of a planned wind farm off the coast of Rehoboth Beach, Del., was killed when the vessel broke apart and washed ashore during a northeaster.
21 May 2008
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