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Senate panel moves against Christie environmental plans

It also voted to require New Jersey to obtain 30 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020 - a standard Gov. Christie three months ago called unrealistic and dropped back to 22.5 percent in his energy master plan. Lobbyists and advocates jammed the third-floor hearing room of the Senate Environmental and Energy Committee to testify.
20 Sep 2011

New Jersey fuels cap-and-trade flap

But opponents say the programs hurt the economy when power plants pass the cost of buying emissions on to customers. They say emissions are dropping not because of cap-and-trade programs but because of the economic downturn and the reduced cost of natural gas, a cleaner source of energy.
31 Jul 2011

Christie rolls out energy plan, rolls back renewable energy goals

Christie's 141-page blueprint calls for reconsideration of other energy programs, including solar power, which New Jersey has been a national leader in promoting. At the news conference, the governor said the administration wanted to decrease the percentage of renewable sources in its portfolio to 22.5 percent because the 30 percent required was not achievable.
8 Jun 2011

Delaware environment: N.J. nixes pollution caps

"RGGI is nothing more than a tax on electricity, a tax on our residents and on businesses with no discernible effect on our environment," he said. "We remain completely committed to make the environment of our state and world better. We're not going to do it by participating in gimmicky programs that don't work."
27 May 2011

Wind taken out of sails

"It is likely that one blade failed, and the imbalance created gyroscopic forces that broke the other two," Jones said. That is small comfort to those considering wind turbines. ...But with so many projects on hold and so much at stake, these flaws need to be addressed quickly - before someone is decapitated.
25 Apr 2011

Legislation may bar Sea Girt-Manasquan wind turbine; Plan for Guard site opposed

Residents of Sea Girt and Manasquan have loudly opposed the DMAVA's plans to build a federally funded 325-foot turbine at its National Guard Training Center, a state-owned parcel of land that lies between the two boroughs. Kean said the Office of Legislative Services in Trenton is researching laws in California, Illinois and Europe regarding turbine setback requirements.
17 Oct 2010

Will Wall Street get behind offshore wind?

Even if investors are convinced the ORECs are sufficient, there also are risks to developers when setting their prices. If set too high, no will buy the certificates, said Jeff Tittel, executive director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. If set too low, the project will fail on its economics, he said.
14 Oct 2010

Midwest wind not wanted in NJ

The cost to ratepayers could increase electric bills by hundred dollars or more a year, if the planned transmission lines were constructed, Edelston said. Paul Patterson, an energy analyst with Glenrock Associates in New York, said the issue of building new transmission lines to move renewable energy is one of the more contentious issues before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
23 Jul 2010

Wind power bill goes to N.J. Legislature

Legislation to promote development of offshore wind power for New Jersey was released today by an Assembly panel and is due to be voted on by both the state Senate and Assembly on Monday. The legislation known as the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act establishes an offshore wind renewable energy certificate program.
25 Jun 2010

Does wind power mean pricier power?

Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-Bergen), the chairman of the budget panel, reflected lawmakers' fears about the cost to consumers when he told Martin: "My concern is very simple. The cost of this energy is quite expensive.'' In Massachusetts, Sarlo noted, the Cape Wind offshore wind project is now expected to cost consumers there $200 million more on their electric bills in the first year.
24 Jun 2010

Wind power bill breezes through Senate Committee

The state's effort to promote offshore wind farms is getting a bit of blowback from the state's business community. In a move advocates say could vault New Jersey to the forefront of states aiming to harness offshore wind as a clean and free source of energy, the Senate Environment and Energy Committee yesterday approved legislation designed to help developers finance wind projects off the Jersey coast.
15 Jun 2010

New Jersey to fill budget gap with RGGI cash

Newly-elected Republican Governor Chris Christie announced proceeds from the northeastern US cap-and-trade programme's quarterly allowance auctions would be used to plug the budget deficit, details of which were released yesterday. New Jersey has raised $64.5 million in proceeds from the sale of emission allowances in the scheme's seven auctions, which were held on a quarterly basis since late 2008.
18 Mar 2010

Upper Deerfield committee members join other local officials through NJ in opposing state green energy bill; may be too late

Township Committee members here hope someone can stop a state green energy bill now awaiting Governor Jon Corzine’s signature before it becomes law. The New Jersey State League of Municipalities (NJSLOM) and officials in towns throughout the state joined them in opposing the bill, whose Senate version was S1303. The bill passed the Senate in late February and the Assembly in late June.
9 Nov 2009

DEP opposes wind farm in Del. Bay; Structures would be hazards to area's many birds, official says

State environmental officials oppose wind turbines anywhere in the Delaware Bay, a position that could jeopardize an Ocean County firm's plans for a wind park there. The Department of Environmental Protection cited potential threats to migratory birds, oyster seed beds and other resources in an Aug. 20 letter to Delsea Energy, of Toms River. Scott Brubaker, the DEP's assistant commissioner for land use management, wrote "the Delaware Bay is not an appropriate area for development of wind energy."
2 Sep 2009

Studying the environment to prepare for offshore wind farms in New Jersey

As offshore wind farms in the U.S. move closer to becoming a reality, there are still questions about the potential environmental impacts and best sites for in-the-water wind turbines. Coastal resource managers in New Jersey are getting in front of this burgeoning business by conducting an environmental baseline study that will help guide wind farm development off that state's coastline.
1 Sep 2009
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