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Opposition to battery energy storage system grows fiercer in Littleton

Opposition to the proposed industrial-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) at the dead end of Foster Hill Road has grown fiercer. On Tuesday, the roughly 100 residents turning out to the Littleton Opera House put both the applicant and the Zoning Board of Adjustment on the hot seat during a public hearing that was again continued, until March 24. ...The system would store electrical energy using specialized battery store containers and would go on 13 of the 27 wooded acres owned by Aaron Scott DeAngelis, who would lease the site to LITUS. The utility-scale batteries, in 96 containers, each 40-feet-long and 8-feet-wide and spaced 15 feet apart, would be charged at night at a lower price, temporarily stored, and sold back to the electric grid as needed at higher price.
16 Jan 2020

Zoning changes nix wind farms

The new ordinance, if passed, gives approval to all projects providing residential power and requires a minor site plan review for business and commercial applications. Commercial wind farms will not be permitted in any district under the new ordinance.
11 Jan 2016

Energy projects, where do they go?

Too often we’ve seen towns taken by surprise by developers seeking to locate alternative energy projects and, without the guidance of ordinances that address them, those plans can run counter to the wishes of a community. The public hearing process is a chance for voters to offer input on the future of alternative energy systems in town ahead of voting in March. We hope residents will take notice of this opportunity and use it wisely.
6 Jan 2016

Legal fund will back Alexandria in wind farm case

The establishment of the RBO was in response to proposed wind-energy projects in the area that are, at present, licensed by the state’s Site Evaluation Committee, leaving local communities with little input into the projects’ outcome. RBO backers want a say in the decision to grant a permit for a meteorological tower to EDP Renewables of Portugal.
27 Jun 2014

Berlin city leaders support wind-turbine project on Jericho Mountain

Deane said Public Service of New Hampshire has agreed to accept about 12 megawatts from Jericho Power, which means that only five of the six turbines, may be built. He said that Jericho Power and the City of Berlin have had “a conversation back and forth” trying to negotiate a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement and are continuing to work on it.
22 May 2014

Fire investigators to check on Groton wind farm’s progress

State Fire Marshal’s Office investigators will be at the 24-turbine Groton Wind LLC energy plant on Wednesday morning, inspecting the reported progress made by the plant owners to meet state building and safety requirements and avoid a threatened shutdown. Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s Office announced that it may have reached agreement with Groton Wind over the improper siting of its operations and maintenance building.
20 May 2014

Danbury voters block wind energy developments with new ordinances

Voters in Danbury overwhelmingly supported four petition warrant articles that discourage or block industrial wind energy projects in their town at Tuesday’s annual meeting. “This is a silent revolution sweeping the United States,” said petitioner Jody Troiano. “Little towns like Danbury and Alexandria and Hebron that are trying to fight industry from coming into their towns and destroying the beauty, the rural way of life, whatever it may be.”
13 Mar 2014

Voters kill wind petition

With a 390 to 278 vote, Antrim residents turned down the proposed zoning amendment to allow for the construction of commercial wind farms. ...“I’m really grateful to the town, to come through and protect the town’s interest,” Sarah Gorman of Antrim said in an interview Wednesday. “I’m not gloating, I’m optimistic. The intent of the zoning is saved.”
12 Mar 2014

Developer’s wind petition unwise

We’d urge Antrim voters, regardless of how they feel about this project, to turn down the proposed amendment. Using the petition warrant article option to try to push through a developer-written plan that’s not approved by the Planning Board is not the way to go. Antrim can do better.
4 Mar 2014

Town library, wind farm zoning are top Ashland items

Residents will also vote on a zoning ordinance regarding large wind power developments in town ...It is based on zoning in Temple and other towns in the state, zoning laws that have given other towns a say in large energy projects. The ordinance includes specific sizes and limits on projects, and requires in-depth studies of the effects of projects on the town, as well as thorough studies of decommissioning costs.
28 Feb 2014

Planners are split on wind petition

While going through his list of concerns, Levesque addressed the two districts in question with this ordinance. He said the purpose of the rural conservation district is to protect the mountain area of the town. The town has 11 mountains and hills within its rural conservation district, including Tuttle Hill and Willard Mountain. Levesque said the proposed ordinance does not amend the purpose of this district in a way that would allow the construction of wind farms.
28 Jan 2014

Columbia revises language, plans new hearing on wind moratorium

As a result of the meeting, the board changed the language of the proposal. "The board does not wish to regulate the mom and pop' backyard residential variety, nor do we wish to take over the job of the SEC. We are strictly looking for the citizens of Columbia to have an input." The proposed warrant article now reads that "no commercial wind turbines or test towers to determine suitability of terrain for development of wind turbines shall be sited, constructed, installed or operated in the Town of Columbia."
15 Jan 2014
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