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Lyman Wind Action Group takes on Coos wind park

"This change in plan is a significant deviation from the plan as approved by the SEC. Before the SEC can agree to paring back an important condition of the certificate, we would recommend a full analysis be conducted to evaluate whether these changes are necessary and the extent of the changes. It is not sufficient to base this decision on a single turbine failure."
27 Sep 2014

Request to amend wind farm agreement will be heard by revised SEC

Dr. C. William Kilpatrick, a University of Vermont biology professor, said the loss of habitat, the creation of five miles of edge habitat, year-around maintenance of a road, and sound have had substantial adverse impacts on two threatened species - the American marten and Bicknell's thrust. ...the proposed restoration plan only addresses the loss of habitat.
23 Sep 2014

Coos wind park: Owner seeks to widen roads after turbine failure

"After further engineering and operational evaluation, it is now apparent that the Mt. Kelsey turbines will require periodic maintenance and that this maintenance necessitates a roadway wider than 12 feet," the company states. ...The Granite Reliable amendment cites a post-construction pine marten study that states there is evidence of winter marten mortality by canine predators, such as fox and coyote, that are gaining access to high areas by way of roads.
20 Mar 2014

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests petition: Hold off on wind project

The society's petition states that Wild Meadows does not serve the public good of the Newfound Lake-Cardingan Mountain area or of the state. "Iberdrola has signed a fifteen-year contract under which all of the energy generated by the Wild Meadows Wind Project will be sold to Massachusetts utilities, and all or most will be used to satisfy the requirements of the Renewable Portfolio Standard in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire. New Hampshire's landscapes are a critical part of our state identity and economy, and our permitting processes are inadequate."
13 Jan 2014

Wild Meadows wind farm scaled back

“Iberdrola appears to say whatever is expedient at the moment,” said Wind Watch’s Nancy Watson. “They have on numerous occasions dating back to 2009 stated they will not install any industrial wind plant without community support. Then they show up in Alexandria (Tuesday) night, a town that rejected their proposed wind installation by a nearly 3-to-1 vote (at Town Meeting in March) and proceed to inform residents they are proceeding in spite of the overwhelming voter mandate to the contrary.”
8 Nov 2013

AMC videos project route's visual impact

Holmes said the proposed line would abut their property. "This is my stand," he said. "If you don't stand up for what you believe in, where are we going?" Holmes said three real estate agents have informed him that "I couldn't get half what the property's worth just because of the threat of Northern Pass."
27 Oct 2013

Deal struck to sell NH wind farm power to Mass.

Though Iberdrola Renewables hasn’t filed an application for the project yet with the state’s Site Evaluation Committee, the company has signed a 15-year agreement to sell power to a group of Massachusetts utilities. The agreement will benefit Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Portfolio and its electricity customers, though there are questions about its value to New Hampshire.
7 Oct 2013

Industrial wind not just an eyesore, it's an issue on many fronts

Residents of the Newfound Region living around the Groton Wind Project now live with red flashing lights at night, loud roaring of industrial engines whenever the blades are spinning (day or night), shadow flicker from the blades for hours at a time during various parts of the day, the whooshing of the blades as they spin, and the low frequency vibrations that are not audible but are felt within the body.
5 Oct 2013

Pursuing energy alternatives does not require accepting Northern Pass

New Hampshire's natural beauty is one of our region's treasures, but that description does not come close to explaining what our natural resources mean to the Granite State. They are essential to our high quality of life, which helps attract talented people and new businesses to our state. ...Like our New England neighbors, New Hampshire is working hard to reduce harmful fossil fuel emissions in order to clear the air and views of our great vistas. Why would we then sacrifice those views to miles and miles of towers?
21 Sep 2013

Research shows wind power is too good to be true

The folks behind the development put on a good show. They send out happy looking ads, and buy favorable coverage in local newspapers that are more than happy to cash the check. But, like they say in any good crime drama-follow the money. These companies are not here to help the area. They are here to make profit. Period. And I would have no problem with that, if they were able to make a go of it without subsidies. But they can't. The business model collapses without Federal intervention. That's not the free market.
27 Jul 2013

PSU study: Residents more responsive to wind farms if involved in process

The students interviewed seven people from the area, several of them professionals, each of whom came from a different perspective - one had strong business interests, one was a watershed management specialist, etc. The residents expressed worries about the potential effect of 40-story towers and turbines on the area's economy.
18 Jul 2013

Forest Society’s priorities are blowin’ in the wind

The Forest Society has raised and spent millions buying land in hopes of killing the Northern Pass project, claiming transmission lines would damage New Hampshire’s landscape. ...Naturally, one would think the Forest Society would be equally opposed to 400-foot-tall, night-lit wind turbines, yet it played a significant role in paving the way for Groton Wind to be built. ...The Forest Society’s latest money-raising campaign is called “Trees Not Towers,” yet it clearly doesn’t apply to 400-foot wind towers. It is a stunning display of dishonesty and hypocrisy.
14 Jun 2013
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