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Executive councilors raise questions about Hassan nominations

Executive councilors say they have concerns about Gov. Maggie Hassan’s nomination of two retiring lawmakers to the panel that has power over new energy projects. While both Sen. Bob Odell, R-New London, and Rep. Amanda Merrill, D-Durham, are outstanding public servants, District 1 Councilor Joseph Kenney, R-Wakefield, said, “It’s the wrong time and the wrong board.”
30 Sep 2014

New Hampshire Wind Watch raises opposition to Odell’s nomination to energy siting committee

“New Hampshire Wind Watch is appalled by the governor’s selection,” said Lori Lerner, president of the group that aims to educate people about the effects of industrial wind projects in the state. The public member is meant be a citizen affected by the energy projects, Lerner said. “The intent was never to have legislators or additional state officials in the process.”
27 Sep 2014

Lyman Wind Action Group takes on Coos wind park

"This change in plan is a significant deviation from the plan as approved by the SEC. Before the SEC can agree to paring back an important condition of the certificate, we would recommend a full analysis be conducted to evaluate whether these changes are necessary and the extent of the changes. It is not sufficient to base this decision on a single turbine failure."
27 Sep 2014

Request to amend wind farm agreement will be heard by revised SEC

Dr. C. William Kilpatrick, a University of Vermont biology professor, said the loss of habitat, the creation of five miles of edge habitat, year-around maintenance of a road, and sound have had substantial adverse impacts on two threatened species - the American marten and Bicknell's thrust. ...the proposed restoration plan only addresses the loss of habitat.
23 Sep 2014

Complaints withdrawn on Livermore Falls settlement

“The SEC still needs to consider and decide if the settlement reached between the Attorney General’s office and Groton Wind is acceptable. It must also determine what to do with the fact that the project, as built, does not comply with (the wind facility’s operating) certificate issued in May 2011,” Linowes said.
26 Aug 2014

State asked to re-evaluate Livermore Falls settlement deal

Members of the friends group said they were pleased to receive the money. But Linowes’ group said it is not an adequate amount. “The monster electric poles travel along Route 25 and Route 3 and cross over the Pemigewasset right at the historic bridge for a length of approximately 13 miles. Unsightly metal poles standing well over 50 feet now straddle the remains of the bridge and sit on state-owned land."
12 Aug 2014

Settlement reached between Groton Wind and state AG's office

The Spanish company that built the 24-turbine Groton Wind facility has reached a settlement agreement with the Attorney General’s office that resolves the plant’s issues with the Attorney General, and required the plant owners to pay $150,000 to the ongoing Livermore Falls protection and enhancement project in area towns.
22 Jul 2014

AMC asking N.E. governors to stop Northern Pass lines

“We in New England deserve better than Northern Pass, and most especially New Hampshire deserves better,” wrote Arnold, in part. “We will not trade away the majestic beauty of New Hampshire. We will insist on smart, modern, and well-planned energy projects that protect our invaluable natural and scenic resources, not compromise them.”
11 Jul 2014

Wind company’s tower permit delayed again

A request from a Portuguese wind-power developer to the town for a 262 foot meteorological tower to test the winds in town for wind-farm suitability was brought again to the board of selectmen Tuesday night, and again, approval was postponed to the next board meeting.
3 Jul 2014

Talks continue for the Balsams redevelopment

Coos County Commissioner Paul Grenier said that in a conversation with him, Otten indicated that he could “live” with a 500-foot setback but not the 1,350-foot setback that had been imposed by the county’s planning board. The setbacks are intended to prevent harm to anyone near the turbines from accumulated ice being flung off their blades.
30 Jun 2014
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