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Wind-power foes object to forum sites

“It appears the venues chosen are in areas that are not impacted by industrial wind projects or Northern Pass. It would make sense to hold a meeting in an area like Newfound Lake that currently has one wind plant operational (to its north in Groton) and is facing three new proposals for industrial wind facilities, to include the potential for up to 100 40-50 story wind turbines, in addition to the existing 24 turbines.”
22 Nov 2013

A tough crowd turns out for wind farm meeting in Alexandria

“I think you’re doing a marvelous job of telling us what’s right for you and your company,” said resident Jan Connor. “You’re just not telling us what’s right for us.” ...Others challenged Iberdrola’s stance that there is support in the area for the project. One resident called for a town vote on the issue. In March, residents voted 3-to-1 against the proposal on a ballot question.
7 Nov 2013

Jericho wind farm gets city approval

Jericho Power LLC told the city it hopes to pour the foundations and secure the rock anchors before the end of the year. In her presentations to the zoning and planning boards, Lindsay Deane of Jericho Power said the economics of the $18 million project depend on receiving federal investment tax credits. To be eligible, she said the project must begin construction before Jan. 1, 2014.
8 Oct 2013

Where are the Newfound wind farm developers hiding these days

Do you fish, hunt, hike, ski, boat, snowmobile or just simply enjoy the mountain views in Grafton County? If so, you need to be aware of the next few wind projects as they could affect you. Have some of you have missed the two-way dialog put forth by wind developers? The truth is wind developers haven't spoken in months, perhaps it's because four communities have taken a "Not A Willing Host" stance.
5 Sep 2013

Defending Grafton's Rights

We contacted the defense fund last fall when Iberdrola announced its plan to construct a 37-turbine industrial wind project between Cardigan Mountain and Newfound Lake. At that time, no industrial wind developer had been denied a siting certificate, and the defense fund offered to help.
1 Sep 2013

N.E. wind turbine projects face pushback

The litany of complaints seems to be indicative of the pushback against wind power proposals across the region. ...There have been similar stories about strong opposition to land-based turbines in upstate New York and Vermont. Locally, the failed Portsmouth wind turbine has raised concerns about the financial risk and the proposed Deepwater Wind project off Rhode Island's coast has brought out many opponents who question the cost of the power, the few permanent jobs and the impact on ocean views.
25 Aug 2013

Tensions on display at commission meeting

Frizzell said the county commissioners accepted the estimate of $844,033 as the total net cost of decommissioning the wind park. He explained that the net cost takes into consideration the salvage and scrap value of the various components. One of Samson's questions asked if $844,033 was enough considering the scope and size of the project.
21 Aug 2013

SEC to review its wind project ruling

The SEC could, in light of efforts made by Antrim Wind Energy to mitigate view impacts, decide to rehear the application, taking into account these changes. Should the SEC decide to rehear the case, it will likely be a process as long as the original hearing, said Iacopino. "It took a long time to get to the original decision," Iacopino said. "And it would likely be a long process again, as there would be a lot to go back through, as a practical matter.
9 Jul 2013

New Hampshire residents have mixed feelings on wind farms

While they generate an alternative, green source of power, they (wind farms) also generate plenty of fierce debate. "We love our mountain views, (Wind farms) are very distracting and they are really loud," Kyle Tucker of Bristol said. "I am in favor of clean energy, I just don't like it being shoved down our throats the way they are doing it."
3 Jul 2013

U.S. DOJ indicts Fairhaven turbine manufacturer

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged a Chinese turbine manufacturer with stealing patented software from an American company for use in turbines erected in Fairhaven and three other Massachusetts towns. The DOJ charged Sinovel Wind Group Thursday with stealing trade secrets from AMSC (American Superconductor), a Massachusetts-based company, and causing an alleged loss of more than $800 million to the company.
29 Jun 2013

Some wind farm opponents see post office working against them

When Jim Howell, a 25-year veteran of United States Postal Service, was appointed postmaster here in February, he did not expect to become a windmill to be tilted at. Not until residents of towns around Newfound Lake, where a proposed wind farm has stirred great controversy, noticed that the stamps on their mail were cancelled with an image of wind turbines.
22 Jun 2013

Antrim wind project: Developer offers to eliminate 1 turbine

In a bid to have its wind farm proposal reheard by the state, Antrim Wind Energy LLC is offering to eliminate one of 10 turbines proposed for the Tuttle Hill and Willard Mountain ridge lines. Richard Block was unimpressed ..."The town of Antrim is small. The valleys here are small. The hills are small and they were proposing to put the largest wind turbines in the state here in Antrim."
5 Jun 2013

An uphill battle ahead for Antrim

If residents were so unhappy with the Select Board's handling of a peripheral $40,000 payment from the developer, how can they be confident their input on a multi-million dollar PILOT will be taken seriously? And how plausible is it that the public hearings would end with a PILOT that differs substantially from the one that was recently voided? The concern for us, and for many others, is that any hearing would be a mere formality.
29 May 2013
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