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Millsfield property owners said they signed agreements because county failed to protect them

Believing the county commissioners were not looking after the best interests of Millsfield residents in supporting the Granite Reliable Power wind farm, Millsfield residents Luc Cote and Wayne Urso said the property owners individually signed agreements with the Granite Reliable Power to protect themselves from huge property tax increases.
18 Nov 2014

Conflict rises over Millsfield agreement with wind farm

Under the agreement, GRP — so long as the Pilot with the county is in place — agrees to pay the property owners not less than $2,500 and not more than $5,000 per year; the property owners in turn agreed to “fully support and cooperate with the developer in the permitting, development and operations of its Wind Farm ...” and also to maintain confidentiality.
18 Nov 2014

Wind-power developer eyes Alexandria area again

“We recognize there’s a lot of people opposed to projects like this, but we hope there’s a compromise,”he said.Whitlock said his company is aware that strong local opposition likely played a role in the decision by Iberdrola Renewables of Spain to drop its proposed Wild Meadows wind farm project in March. They are “hopeful” that EDP will have better success with area residents, he said.
16 Nov 2014

Hassan changes nominations to Site Evaluation Committee

If approved by the council, Hawk and Weathersby will become two of the first public members to sit on the recently reorganized SEC which sites and permits commercial-scale energy projects in New Hampshire. The Legislature voted this year to winnow down the committee from 15 members to nine, and to add public representation to the panel, primarily made up of state agency officials.
12 Nov 2014

Corporate Bullies

When our town said it would not sign a permit for an unwanted meteorological tower, Energais de Portugal initiated legal action. Now they have forced the hand of our selectmen, knowing full well the majority of citizens are opposed as well as the board members themselves. ...Energais de Portugal is a bigger bully than ever imagined.
10 Oct 2014

Hassan's poor choices: Council should reject SEC names

“If we truly want a member of the public on the committee, is a lawmaker considered a member of the public?’’ Of course not, which is why people who pushed for the new bill, including fellow legislators, are aghast at Hassan’s choices, even while noting they have nothing against either Odell, who would be the “public’’ member, or Merrill, who would serve as his alternate.
1 Oct 2014

Executive councilors raise questions about Hassan nominations

Executive councilors say they have concerns about Gov. Maggie Hassan’s nomination of two retiring lawmakers to the panel that has power over new energy projects. While both Sen. Bob Odell, R-New London, and Rep. Amanda Merrill, D-Durham, are outstanding public servants, District 1 Councilor Joseph Kenney, R-Wakefield, said, “It’s the wrong time and the wrong board.”
30 Sep 2014

Complaints withdrawn on Livermore Falls settlement

“The SEC still needs to consider and decide if the settlement reached between the Attorney General’s office and Groton Wind is acceptable. It must also determine what to do with the fact that the project, as built, does not comply with (the wind facility’s operating) certificate issued in May 2011,” Linowes said.
26 Aug 2014

Wind company’s tower permit delayed again

A request from a Portuguese wind-power developer to the town for a 262 foot meteorological tower to test the winds in town for wind-farm suitability was brought again to the board of selectmen Tuesday night, and again, approval was postponed to the next board meeting.
3 Jul 2014

Talks continue for the Balsams redevelopment

Coos County Commissioner Paul Grenier said that in a conversation with him, Otten indicated that he could “live” with a 500-foot setback but not the 1,350-foot setback that had been imposed by the county’s planning board. The setbacks are intended to prevent harm to anyone near the turbines from accumulated ice being flung off their blades.
30 Jun 2014

Wind company encounters opposition in Alexandria

What was supposed to be a brief discussion with the selectmen, though, turned into an often-contentious question-and-answer session with a group of about 40 disgruntled town and area residents. Repeatedly, audience members issued the same message to the company. “You are not wanted here,” said resident Bob Piehler.
19 Jun 2014
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