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A Tale of Two Wind Farms: Part II

But in the second of our two-part series looking at wind power in the Granite State, we shift to the southwestern part of the state, to Lempster. There a large 24 megawatt wind farm has been proposed for Lempster Mountain. But, unlike in Berlin, this proposal has sparked a great deal of controversy.
7 Jul 2006

Using the power of current

PORTSMOUTH - A proposal to capture electricity from tidal energy in the Piscataqua River has been filed with federal energy officials and calls for 50 to 100 underwater turbines to be submerged throughout Rockingham and Strafford County stretches of the river and up into York County.
27 May 2006

Regional power plan fairness questioned

Maine's largest energy provider is forecasting record-breaking electricity use this summer, as well as a need for additional supply lines to feed an ever-increasing demand. But a solution planned by ISO New England -- which manages electricity distribution in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont -- is being met with skepticism by Maine officials, who question the proposal's need and fairness.
19 May 2006

Regional leaders discuss energy at governors, premiers conference

Lee also warned that renewable energy sources, though desirable, were not a "silver bullet" solution. "It does leave an environmental footprint," Lee said, noting that wind energy and solar energy take up large areas of land, making it difficult to find a place to put them, especially in densely populated parts of the world.
13 May 2006
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