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Wind energy company cited for Groton violations

A state fire marshal section chief has notified the state’s Site Evaluation Committee of 22 building and safety code violations at the 24-turbine Groton Wind facility. The SEC issued a ruling in November warning wind energy company Iberdrola that the committee had received correspondence claiming that Iberdrola is “operating the facility … in violation of the terms and conditions of the certificate of site.”
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NH State Fire Marshal: 'Iberdrola-Groton Wind in violation of safety codes'

08-12-13nh-statefiremarshall-grotonwind_thumb The NH State Fire Marshal has recommended that Iberdrola's Groton Wind energy facility cease operation until fire safety concerns have been addressed. A letter as well as prefiled testimony submitted by the Fire Marshal's office asserting the facts in the case can be accessed by clicking the links on this page. The NH Site Evaluation Committee has initiated enforcement proceedings against Iberdrola for this an other complaints.
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Senate passes standards for wind turbine siting

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, said SB 281 provides the state Site Evaluation Committee with criteria for siting wind turbines to “protect those who may be negatively impacted." "This language will give guidance to the SEC overall above and beyond” broader legislation that was passed last year.
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AMC objects to proposed test tower in Cardigan Mountain area

The Appalachian Mountain Club has come out against a proposed second wind-power project in the Newfound Lake-Cardigan Mountain area, saying it would "without question dominate and negatively impact" Cardigan and its views. The AMC is opposing a $140 million proposal by EDP Renewables of Portugal for a 60-megawatt, 15- to 25-turbine wind-energy project that would be built on a single landowner's leased property in the towns of Groton, Alexandria, Hebron and Orange.
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Portuguese firm's wind-speed tower request creates concern

If Spruce Ridge is built on the northern and eastern edges of Newfound lake, and the Wild Meadows wind farm — proposed by a Spanish developer — is built near the south and eastern end, one of the state’s most beautiful lakes will become a “wind farm sandwich” with noisy, 500-foot lighted towers, opponents say. “It’s a continuation of the march of the turbines,” said Jennifer Tuthill of Alexandria
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Wind farm firm puts application on hold to address safety issues at Groton site

The Spanish wind-energy company seeking to build a 75.9-megawatt wind farm in Alexandria and Danbury has "paused" its application to the state to focus on its existing wind farm in Groton. Meanwhile, the state's Site Evaluation Committee set a schedule of hearings that could result in suspension of the operation license for the company's Groton Wind development.
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NH's Wild Meadows wind plan paused as company works on issues at another site

A proposal for a 23-turbine wind farm in central New Hampshire is on hold as the project developer addresses issues at another wind plant it operates. In a statement released Friday to The Associated Press, Iberdrola Renewals said it will "pause" the Wild Meadows project in Danbury and Alexandria while it works on outstanding issues at a 24-turbine farm in Groton.
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NH wind project needs time to complete application

The energy company that wants to put 23 wind turbines in central New Hampshire needs more time to complete an application for the project, according to a letter written to state regulators. Iberdrola Renewables has proposed the Wild Meadows wind energy project in Danbury and Alexandria.
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Wind power company criticized for response to state regarding Alexandria proposal

Iberdrola Renewables, the Spain-based wind power giant that is proposing a new wind farm facility in Danbury and Alexandria, is taking a lot of heat, in some very unfriendly terms, for its responses to state officials' questions about its Groton Wind farm. ...Groton Wind "refuses to acknowledge that it has done anything wrong, it mischaracterizes the Committee's orders in ways to suit its position … and it denies plain reality…"
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State to hear complaints about Groton Wind farm

Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter C.L. Roth has backed complaints that Iberdrola did not get proper authority to make changes to its operations and maintenance building and turbines plan as the law requires. Instead, the company sought approval from the Department of Environmental Services, he said. The Fire Marshal’s Office was not notified of the changes, so it did not inspect the building plans, nor were other state agencies that regularly inspect new building plans for violations.
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State has questions on Iberdrola wind farm application

“Missing wildlife studies, incomplete descriptions of business relationships, inadequate information for water, fire and historical resources. These are not NIMBY objections. These represent the failure of a company to follow the rules. Businesses have a right to state their case. Iberdrola has, and it has been found wanting.”
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State: Alexandria, Danbury wind farm application 'incomplete'

"The application is incomplete because it fails to provide sufficient information for the Water Division, the Division of Historical Resources and the Fire Marshal to satisfy the application requirements of each state agency, under state or federal law, to regulate any aspect of the construction or operation of the proposed facility. The application is also incomplete because it does not include the ongoing 2013 raptor survey and game camera study and the a clear identification of the legal relationship between the applicant and the property proposed to comprise the facility."
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Man says Groton Wind turbine project turned his dream house into nightmare

The SEC will be holding hearings on Rampino's legal brief and the claims of others, including the state fire marshal, that the company did not file the planned changes to its facility with the proper authority. Groton Wind did not submit new building, site and fire protection plans for to the state fire marshal prior to or during construction, according to state officials.
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