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Antrim board to hear petition on wind farms

Portsmouth-based Antrim Wind Energy LLC, which hopes to bring a large-scale wind farm to the Tuttle Hill and Willard Mountain ridgelines, wrote the zoning petition to adopt standards for wind farms in town.The Planning Board will hold a public hearing on the petition article at 7 p.m. on Thursday at the Town Hall.
14 Jan 2014

Antrim: Developer helped write proposed ordinance

Antrim Wind Energy officials confirmed Monday that the Seacoast-based developer helped craft the proposed wind energy ordinance, submitted by petition, that will go before town voters in March. While the ordinance doesn’t specifically call for the development of a wind farm in the area of Tuttle Hill and Willard Pond, it is seen as a process that will create the right conditions for a project.
14 Jan 2014

Ordinance could revive Antrim Wind project

Antrim resident Loranne Block, who has been a vocal critic of the plan since its inception, said that this warrant article is overly vague, and is lacking in protection for property values and changes to taxes. “They should have come up with a comprehensive article. Nothing’s laid out — no details. It’s a lot of destruction for a little production.”
31 Dec 2013

Wind farm approvals remanded back to zoning board

In a decision released earlier this month, Bornstein remanded the matter back to the zoning board to determine whether the amended site plan approved by the planning board violates the spirit and intent of the zoning ordinance. ...In January, the planning board approved amending the site plan to install three 500-foot high turbines. The zoning board also approved amending its variance to allow the three turbines at 500 feet.
12 Aug 2013

New delay in turbine plan verdict

The Antrim Select Board voted to appeal the state ruling that denied a 10-turbine wind project after deciding to accept a $40,000 offer from Antrim Wind in a contentious meeting Monday that led to one resident being escorted out by police and several others walking away in frustration.
16 May 2013

Angst in Antrim over wind farm

Block said the proposed definition of renewable energy facilities is too vague and leaves the door open to excessive development. "What they want to do is open up the town to anything that can be construed as renewable without any controls or limitations on it," he said. He also warned if the amendment passes, the Tuttle Hill project would be all but assured.
15 Jan 2011

A plan for a wind power turbine test in Antrim gets mixed reviews

A proposal to place a meteorological tower on Antrim's Tuttle Hill to study whether the spot is ideal for wind turbines to generate electricity has ruffled some feathers. The debate in Antrim is just one example of the controversy blowing across the country over the placement of wind farms as the focus on renewable energy sources grows. Last month, the Antrim zoning board gave Antrim Wind Energy LLC permission to place a temporary 196-foot tower on privately owned property off Route 9.
2 Nov 2009

196-foot wind-test tower gets approval; Opponents vow appeal

Following numerous and heated public hearings, the zoning board approved a height variance for a meteorological tower on Tuttle Hill after just more than an hour of deliberation. Chairman John Kendall was the sole negative vote on the variance, which approved the construction of a 196-foot met tower on ridgetop property owned by resident Michael Ott. The decision will be effective at the end of the 30-day appeals period, but resident Richard Block has no intention of letting that happen. "It will be appealed, on a number of levels," said Block after the meeting.
15 Oct 2009

Antrim ZBA to vote on met tower

The Antrim Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) unanimously voted on Tuesday to close the public hearing on the height variance for a meteorological (met) tower on Tuttle Hill, and begin deliberations at their next meeting on the issue, which will be Oct. 13. ...Including three company officials from Eolian Renewable Energy, the parent company of Antrim Wind Power LLC, those attending the meeting numbered thirty. The majority of opinions heard by the board were against giving the height variance for the met tower.
1 Oct 2009

Zoning board says it needs more data before ruling on wind turbine proposal

The Zoning Board of Adjustment says it needs more information before approving a variance that would allow for the construction of a small wind energy turbine on a property bordering Lake Winnipesaukee. Members of the Zoning Board voted to continue the application made by Richard Lavalliere and in the mean time, have the applicant hire an independent licensed engineer ascertain potential noise level and the amount of energy production that will be done on the site.
30 Sep 2009
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