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Some wind farm opponents see post office working against them

When Jim Howell, a 25-year veteran of United States Postal Service, was appointed postmaster here in February, he did not expect to become a windmill to be tilted at. Not until residents of towns around Newfound Lake, where a proposed wind farm has stirred great controversy, noticed that the stamps on their mail were cancelled with an image of wind turbines.
22 Jun 2013

Forest Society’s priorities are blowin’ in the wind

The Forest Society has raised and spent millions buying land in hopes of killing the Northern Pass project, claiming transmission lines would damage New Hampshire’s landscape. ...Naturally, one would think the Forest Society would be equally opposed to 400-foot-tall, night-lit wind turbines, yet it played a significant role in paving the way for Groton Wind to be built. ...The Forest Society’s latest money-raising campaign is called “Trees Not Towers,” yet it clearly doesn’t apply to 400-foot wind towers. It is a stunning display of dishonesty and hypocrisy.
14 Jun 2013

Our Turn: Towering trees, not transmission towers

New Hampshire's forests, lakes and scenic landscapes are central to our state's identity. ...But recent land purchases by Northern Pass project developers suggest that a potential route for transmission towers and lines may attempt to cross land protected by the Connecticut Headwaters easement. That would unnecessarily jeopardize some our state's most treasured land.
9 Jun 2013

Revised PILOT agreement on the table

After Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge David Garfunkel ruled that the town's original PILOT, or payment in lieu of taxes, agreement with Antrim Wind Energy for a proposed wind farm is null and void on May 20, town officials met with members of Antrim Wind Monday night to discuss terms for a revised PILOT, which was drafted by the wind developer.
6 Jun 2013

Antrim wind project: Developer offers to eliminate 1 turbine

In a bid to have its wind farm proposal reheard by the state, Antrim Wind Energy LLC is offering to eliminate one of 10 turbines proposed for the Tuttle Hill and Willard Mountain ridge lines. Richard Block was unimpressed ..."The town of Antrim is small. The valleys here are small. The hills are small and they were proposing to put the largest wind turbines in the state here in Antrim."
5 Jun 2013

An uphill battle ahead for Antrim

If residents were so unhappy with the Select Board's handling of a peripheral $40,000 payment from the developer, how can they be confident their input on a multi-million dollar PILOT will be taken seriously? And how plausible is it that the public hearings would end with a PILOT that differs substantially from the one that was recently voided? The concern for us, and for many others, is that any hearing would be a mere formality.
29 May 2013

Court voids Antrim wind deal

A Hillsborough County Superior Court judge David Garfunkel ruled Monday that town officials violated the state's Right-To-Know law by holding illegal non-public hearings with Antrim Wind Energy and its counsel to negotiate a payment in lieu of taxes, known as a PILOT agreement. As a result of the ruling, the terms of the deal between the town and Antrim Wind Energy has been voided.
23 May 2013

Residents question why wind developer wrote town's appeal

Antrim Town Administrator Galen Stearns said that the wind developer's attorney drafted the motion for rehearing, and it was sent back and forth several times between Geiger and the town for modifications. ...He added that having Geiger draft the appeal was an attempt to speed up the process. Geiger drafted the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreement that was also signed by the town.
21 May 2013

Antrim asks for review of wind farm project

The appeal and request for a rehearing were crafted by Antrim Wind's attorneys Orr & Reno, according to Select Board Chairman Gordon Webber. Antrim Wind requested the town appeal the decision in support of the LLC's pending appeal, which has to be submitted by June 1, Webber said.
17 May 2013

New delay in turbine plan verdict

The Antrim Select Board voted to appeal the state ruling that denied a 10-turbine wind project after deciding to accept a $40,000 offer from Antrim Wind in a contentious meeting Monday that led to one resident being escorted out by police and several others walking away in frustration.
16 May 2013

Northern Pass money dividing North Country opinions

Savage said the recent purchases by Northern Pass are contiguous to the anticipated route the company is trying to build, but do not address its fundamental problems of crossing the Connecticut River along Route 3 at the Canadian border, or clearing a narrow passage through conservation land in Stewartstown near the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters.
7 May 2013
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