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Going 'green:' By force, not choice

In two years, PSNH could not get even 150 customers to pay more each month to buy electricity from "green" sources. These programs raise utility bills by an average of 30 percent, according to NHPR. That is a steep premium to pay so your house can be powered by wind or solar instead of coal or nuclear power. That is why activists try to get governments to force people to go "green."
2 Aug 2013

Research shows wind power is too good to be true

The folks behind the development put on a good show. They send out happy looking ads, and buy favorable coverage in local newspapers that are more than happy to cash the check. But, like they say in any good crime drama-follow the money. These companies are not here to help the area. They are here to make profit. Period. And I would have no problem with that, if they were able to make a go of it without subsidies. But they can't. The business model collapses without Federal intervention. That's not the free market.
27 Jul 2013

Coos County Commissioners make plan to mitigate taxpayer impact in battle over wind park value

The equalized valuation figures stem from the appraised value of the 33-turbine Granite Reliable wind park, which, in 2012, the DRA appraised at $217 million. But that figure, the commissioners argue, is essentially twice the value of $113 million a DRA appraiser gave them in 2007, when they entered into an annual payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) agreement with the wind park owner based on that figure.
22 Jul 2013

PSU study: Residents more responsive to wind farms if involved in process

The students interviewed seven people from the area, several of them professionals, each of whom came from a different perspective - one had strong business interests, one was a watershed management specialist, etc. The residents expressed worries about the potential effect of 40-story towers and turbines on the area's economy.
18 Jul 2013

Poll helps to define energy challenge

You'd think proponents of wind power and those passionate about America's pristine lands would walk hand-in-hand on the issue of renewable energy. You'd assume each side would see the value of a united front. And you'd hope they'd want to avoid the tedious process of appeals and litigation that only serves to maintain the status quo.
17 Jul 2013

Coös commissioners appeal DRA's equalized valuations in wind-farm UPs

When county administrator Jennifer Fish was asked whether she had calculated the dollar amounts of property tax bills that would have to be sent out in Millsfield and Dixville under the DRA's equalized valuations, she replied that she had not done the math but believed they would be exponentially higher. A DRA witness pointed out that the press had widely reported that the capital investment in the Granite Reliable Wind Farm would be in the range of $250 to $275 million.
13 Jul 2013

SEC to review its wind project ruling

The SEC could, in light of efforts made by Antrim Wind Energy to mitigate view impacts, decide to rehear the application, taking into account these changes. Should the SEC decide to rehear the case, it will likely be a process as long as the original hearing, said Iacopino. "It took a long time to get to the original decision," Iacopino said. "And it would likely be a long process again, as there would be a lot to go back through, as a practical matter.
9 Jul 2013

New Hampshire residents have mixed feelings on wind farms

While they generate an alternative, green source of power, they (wind farms) also generate plenty of fierce debate. "We love our mountain views, (Wind farms) are very distracting and they are really loud," Kyle Tucker of Bristol said. "I am in favor of clean energy, I just don't like it being shoved down our throats the way they are doing it."
3 Jul 2013

Antrim Wind Energy, town reach agreement, again

Residents took the selectmen to court earlier this year challenging the PILOT agreement on the grounds it was crafted at illegal non-public hearings. ...The tax agreement would cut the potential tax revenue by approximately half, but raise the town's assessed value. In a town with a cooperative school district partially based on the town's assessed value, it could end up costing the town more, Allen has argued.
30 Jun 2013

U.S. DOJ indicts Fairhaven turbine manufacturer

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged a Chinese turbine manufacturer with stealing patented software from an American company for use in turbines erected in Fairhaven and three other Massachusetts towns. The DOJ charged Sinovel Wind Group Thursday with stealing trade secrets from AMSC (American Superconductor), a Massachusetts-based company, and causing an alleged loss of more than $800 million to the company.
29 Jun 2013

New NH law changes criteria for site evaluation of energy projects

The bill requires the Site Evaluation Committee to adopt new rules to clarify siting requirements. The bill originally called for a moratorium on new energy projects until the study was complete. A moratorium would have prevented the Northern Pass transmission project as well as several wind farms proposed on ridges around Newfound Lake from seeking the site committee's approval.
27 Jun 2013

Voters to decide on easement; new PILOT in works

A group of residents asked the Select Board on Monday to allow voters to decide whether the town should hold an easement for Antrim Wind Energy, whose stalled project is weeks away from a critical hearing with the state's Site Evaluation Committee. The Select Board also agreed Monday to hold public deliberations on Thursday regarding a new proposed payment in lieu of taxes, or PILOT, agreement with the wind developer.
27 Jun 2013

Antrim residents again debating payment deal with wind developer

Residents here continue to question the advantages of a proposed payment agreement between the town and a wind energy developer after a similar agreement was voided by a judge last month. Selectmen signed a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement last year with Antrim Wind Energy LLC, ...but last month that agreement was voided by Hillsborough Superior Court North Judge David A. Garfunkel.
25 Jun 2013

Some wind farm opponents see post office working against them

When Jim Howell, a 25-year veteran of United States Postal Service, was appointed postmaster here in February, he did not expect to become a windmill to be tilted at. Not until residents of towns around Newfound Lake, where a proposed wind farm has stirred great controversy, noticed that the stamps on their mail were cancelled with an image of wind turbines.
22 Jun 2013

Forest Society’s priorities are blowin’ in the wind

The Forest Society has raised and spent millions buying land in hopes of killing the Northern Pass project, claiming transmission lines would damage New Hampshire’s landscape. ...Naturally, one would think the Forest Society would be equally opposed to 400-foot-tall, night-lit wind turbines, yet it played a significant role in paving the way for Groton Wind to be built. ...The Forest Society’s latest money-raising campaign is called “Trees Not Towers,” yet it clearly doesn’t apply to 400-foot wind towers. It is a stunning display of dishonesty and hypocrisy.
14 Jun 2013
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