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State: Alexandria, Danbury wind farm application 'incomplete'

"The application is incomplete because it fails to provide sufficient information for the Water Division, the Division of Historical Resources and the Fire Marshal to satisfy the application requirements of each state agency, under state or federal law, to regulate any aspect of the construction or operation of the proposed facility. The application is also incomplete because it does not include the ongoing 2013 raptor survey and game camera study and the a clear identification of the legal relationship between the applicant and the property proposed to comprise the facility."
14 Jan 2014

Group seeks wind farm delay; Turbines would be seen from Grafton

“Going back for some time, we have been making a point that the permitting process for large scale wind projects is not adequate,” said Jack Savage, a spokesman for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. ..."At this point, because of a lack of comprehensive siting guidelines, it’s pretty much open season on New Hampshire’s landscape.”
13 Jan 2014

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests petition: Hold off on wind project

The society's petition states that Wild Meadows does not serve the public good of the Newfound Lake-Cardingan Mountain area or of the state. "Iberdrola has signed a fifteen-year contract under which all of the energy generated by the Wild Meadows Wind Project will be sold to Massachusetts utilities, and all or most will be used to satisfy the requirements of the Renewable Portfolio Standard in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire. New Hampshire's landscapes are a critical part of our state identity and economy, and our permitting processes are inadequate."
13 Jan 2014

NH group seeks delay in wind plan

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests filed a motion asking the state’s Site Evaluation Committee to suspend its review of the Wild Meadows project. "Now is not the time to push through an important project. It’s time to step back, wait for the process to be fixed and then move forward. We’re not objecting to the project itself."
10 Jan 2014

AMC will intervene in Wild Meadows wind project

The Appalachian Mountain Club publicly announced its opposition to the proposed Wild Meadows Wind Farm project planned for Danbury and Alexandria at a selectmen's meeting Tuesday night."We are completely opposed to Wild Meadows," said AMC Director of Research Kenneth Kimball.
10 Jan 2014

Plan to run power lines from Canada through N.H. faces hurdles in 2014

“Here’s where I think Northern Pass is today,” said Jack Savage, spokesman for the Society for the Preservation of New Hampshire Forests. “I would say the project is in jeopardy as long as Northern Pass and Hydro-Quebec refuse to look at more undergrounding of the proposed line.” ...The House Science, Technology and Energy Committee is pushing a bill that would direct the SEC to give preference to privately funded energy projects if they bury their transmission lines.
5 Jan 2014

Man says Groton Wind turbine project turned his dream house into nightmare

The SEC will be holding hearings on Rampino's legal brief and the claims of others, including the state fire marshal, that the company did not file the planned changes to its facility with the proper authority. Groton Wind did not submit new building, site and fire protection plans for to the state fire marshal prior to or during construction, according to state officials.
2 Jan 2014

Understanding Northern Pass

The Antrim decision means that Northern Pass “is not an automatic ‘yes’” says Amy Manzelli, who represented opponents of the wind farm. “I think that the SEC will be trying to answer the questions … and they will be willing to say no if the weight of the evidence shows that the answer is no.” The “questions” at play are numerous, from aesthetics to air and water quality to impacts on historic sites and what is termed “orderly development.” Antrim shows that the Northern Pass decision could hinge not just on the look and size of the towers, but the scenery that they pass through.
1 Jan 2014

NH bills target Northern Pass, wind projects

New Hampshire's House is starting the New Year with votes on legislation that would put limits on energy projects like wind turbines and Northern Pass. ...The committee also issued a split recommendation on a bill to establish a moratorium on wind turbine plants and electric transmission line projects. A committee majority recommended killing the bill since the process to site projects is being reviewed. Supporters say a moratorium is needed until the state issues a comprehensive energy plan.
1 Jan 2014

Ordinance could revive Antrim Wind project

Antrim resident Loranne Block, who has been a vocal critic of the plan since its inception, said that this warrant article is overly vague, and is lacking in protection for property values and changes to taxes. “They should have come up with a comprehensive article. Nothing’s laid out — no details. It’s a lot of destruction for a little production.”
31 Dec 2013

Wind project foes call on state to suspend it

"Newfound Lake communities have made it very clear to Iberdrola that yet another Newfound Region Wind Facility is not wanted ... Iberdrola is going back on its word that they would not try to site here if the people did not want them," officials of Wind Watch, a 2,000-member group, said. Iberdrola's existing wind farm in Groton is being investigated by state officials.
23 Dec 2013
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