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A small town's winds of change

The answer may not be blowing in the wind. Tuesday night Almont Village Council trustees joined a growing number of local officials eyeing regulations for wind turbines. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported last month that the U.S. wind industry built nearly 10,000 megawatts (MW) of new generating capacity last year, enough to supply electricity to 2.4 million homes. The association predicts a 30-fold growth in wind turbine installations over the next five years.
20 May 2010

Groton Wind Farm conversation continues

Once again this week, dozens of residents from Rumney and surrounding communities gathered at the Russell Elementary School for an informational public hearing about the proposed Wind Power Facility on Tenney Mountain and Fletcher Ridge in Groton. The three-hour meeting was the second public hearing sponsored by the Rumney Select Board in recent weeks.
14 May 2010

Groton wind power project application accepted

On Monday, Thomas B. Getz, presiding officer and vice chair of the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee, wrote that a comprehensive review has found the application by Iberdrola Renewables Inc. is complete and will proceed to public and adversarial hearings. None have yet been scheduled.
28 Apr 2010

Proposal for small wind turbines in North Hampton causes stir

The chairwoman of the Energy Committee expressed concerns about how the proposed small wind energy systems ordinance was developed, as well as what it says. ...The Planning Board developed the ordinance to "accommodate small wind energy systems in appropriate locations, while protecting the public's health, safety and welfare," states Article 6 on the warrant for the May 11 meeting.
20 Apr 2010

Consideration of appeals postponed; Temporary tower gathering meteorological info

Richard and Loranne Block, whose nearby home overlooks the summit of Tuttle Hill, quickly appealed the variance. On Dec. 1, 2009, the board approved a rehearing of the decision by a 3-2 vote but it had not yet begun the rehearing. After the appeal, according to Town Planner Peter Moore, Eolian began to pursue a second building permit for the tower as a backup in case the permit was rescinded. The application was rejected because there was no site plan. A site plan was submitted and approved by the Planning Board on March 18.
6 Apr 2010

Plan for 24 wind turbines submitted

An application to place 24 wind turbines on Tenney and Fletcher Mountain ridge lines west of Plymouth has been submitted to the state for review. The $120 million Groton Wind Project would produce 48 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 20,000 homes. The application was filed Friday with the state Site Evaluation Committee, which must give an up or down vote in nine months.
1 Apr 2010

Local couple hopes to put wind farm in Easton

A local couple is asking the town of Easton to allow them to take the first steps towards building a wind power producing facility on an 812-acre ridge in the Northwest corner of town. ...The idea of a wind-farm is controversial in this small town. Approximately two dozen people attending the town's Zoning Board of Adjustments meeting last week asked questions and voice concerns.
3 Feb 2010

High price to keep energy flowing

The big source of alternative energy in New England is wind power, but it's usually located far from the cities that use the most power, which means expensive power lines must be built to take advantage of the wind. Offshore wind power is even more powerful than wind onshore, and also carries the need for expensive power line construction. This is the first of two stories looking at the state's electrical grid.
3 Jan 2010

Blowin' in the wind; Installation of turbine at WHS begins

Construction on the Winnacunnet High School turbine began Monday, Dec. 21, the first day of winter. ...while the Skystream is capable of supplying the school with 1.3 million kilowatts of power a year, the single wind turbine will only make a small impact in reducing energy costs. However, its implementation is as much about education and community awareness as it is about Winnacunnet's electric bill, said SAU 21 Superintendent James Gaylord.
25 Dec 2009

Antrim ZBA to rehear met tower variance

The Antrim Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) voted three to two to rehear the application for a height variance for the meteorological (met) tower Eolian Renewable Energy has already erected on Tuttle Hill. At Tuesday's meeting, chairman John Kendall said putting the met tower in place was legal, and that unless the ZBA reversed its decision to allow the height variance as a result of the appeal, that it would remain.
3 Dec 2009

A delicate balance: Work with nature, don't destroy it

One would not think it difficult to reconcile support of renewable energy with the love of the environment, yet this summer we found ourselves in exactly this situation. After years of living with conservation as a mantra, we could never imagine being opposed to a "green" energy project, but ironically that's what has happened. ...After months of research, we've learned that wind power is just not the "green" energy source we've all been told it is. If applied on a small residential scale, it can be very effective; however on an industrial level, there are enormous problems.
17 Nov 2009

How much wind energy is coming out of Lempster?

Wind power is immensely attractive in more than a few ways. Like tidal power, it's seemingly benign and non polluting, and doesn't involve exporting our energy dollars abroad year after year. But wind power isn't all that simple. For example, it doesn't work just anywhere. Despite the best intentions of the city of Keene, which is known widely for environmental innovation, two studies have found that local wind patterns aren't strong or steady enough to justify investments in turbines.
15 Oct 2009

Lempster's big blow: One year later; Windmills turning, but their true value remains a question

The dozen twirling towers atop Lempster Mountain can be seen from the high school in Newport, 12 miles away. Some call them "majestic." Others have said "striking," "unreal" or "in your face," depending on their perspectives. Anyway, there's no way to camouflage these 256-foot-tall towers and their 139-foot blades. ...The turbines look like they're churning out electricity, but just how much? And is it enough to make a difference, or are they just striking symbols of the goal of energy independence?
11 Oct 2009

Mountain View Grand getting power from the wind

The wind turbine being set up this week next to the fifth green of the Mountain View Grand golf course won't be considered a hazard for golfers on the fifth hole, but when it's put into operation later this fall, it will provide as much as half of the power needed for the hotel's needs. Crews began laying out the three sections of the 121-foot tower yesterday morning, which will be put in place over the next day or so next to the 128-foot water tower.
22 Sep 2009

Wind debate flares; Angry residents challenge application for wind tests

As tensions around a proposed meteorological tower on Tuttle Hill boiled over Tuesday, the property owner spoke out about the divisiveness of the issue. ...Resident Mark Schaefer echoed the caveat of all other abutters and residents in opposition to the tower by saying he is entirely supportive of renewable energy, but not in a rural conservation district. "I've raised four children under that ridge," said Schaefer, who said he moved to the area 25 years ago specifically for its rural appeal. "It would take away everything we've moved up here for."
17 Sep 2009

Public advocate wants rehearing on wind park

Saying it acted without adequate financial information, the state's Counsel for the Public has asked for a rehearing of a decision to approve a wind park for Coos County. Peter Roth said the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee approved Granite Reliable Power Company's request for site and facility of a 99 megawatt wind park without necessary assurances that the company can come up with the money to build the $275 million facility.
25 Aug 2009

Parties seek wind farm rehearing; Project financing at heart of motions

Granite Reliable Power already has state approval to move forward with its plan to put 33 wind turbines on peaks in Coos County. But can the company afford its project? That question is at the heart of several motions for rehearing, including one from the company itself, filed Friday with a subcommittee of the state Site Evaluation Committee. ...Throughout the approval process, Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter Roth, who is representing the public, has questioned whether the company has the financial resources or will be able to attract investors in a tough economy.
19 Aug 2009

First wind turbine installed in North Hampton

The residents are the first to take advantage of a newly approved town zoning ordinance. The Small Wind Energy Systems Ordinance, which was approved during the March 10 election, is intended to complement recent New Hampshire legislation, which established a process of review for small wind energy projects. ...According to Goodman, the noise produced by the turbine will be 54 decibels from 100 feet away.
17 Jul 2009
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