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Fickle as the wind

Residents will finally get a chance to weigh in on the future of local wind energy development Tuesday, culminating an information war waged by campaigns aimed at dispelling confusion over two controversial ballot items proposed by the Planning Board.
3 Nov 2011

Meeting planned on Antrim wind farm

Selectmen have planned a special town meeting for Nov. 8 at the request of the planning board for residents to vote on two zoning ordinances on wind energy facilities. One of the ordinances would prohibit wind energy facilities to be built in rural conservation districts, which includes Tuttle Hill.
23 Oct 2011

Wind farm on hold pending rehearing

In an order issued last week, the committee noted the developers filed motions to clarify the original order issued May 6 and for the committee to reconsider its decision, and project opponents asked the committee to rehear the project.
6 Jul 2011

State takes jurisdiction over wind farm; Parties fear town would derail plans

Under state law, the siting and construction of all energy plants producing 30 megawatts or more comes under the purview of the Site Evaluation Committee. But the committee can be petitioned to take jurisdiction on smaller plants such as the Antrim project, which is expected to produce about 20 megawatts. This week, the committee voted 6-4 to assert jurisdiction.
30 Jun 2011

State asked to intercede on wind farm

But many neighbors don't want it. For some, it's a matter of losing the view they love and having the peace of their homes disturbed by the constant whir of turbines. And for others, Antrim Wind Energy has been much too vague about project details and the full environmental impact of the project.
12 Jun 2011

So much for the green economy

"They made a lot of promises about how this is going to bring local jobs to local people ... We thought they would be fair and equitable to [our people]." So much for promises and our gullible expectations. ...The promises of good jobs and a local economic boost were insincere sales pitches, or worse, intentional deceptions.
21 May 2011

The push-pull of wind power

Wind-energy projects are starting to pop up in New Hampshire, but people hoping to see off-shore wind farms are still treading water. And if coastal development ever does ever occur, it will come with a sizable price tag. Projects proposed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are expected to cost billions of dollars to build, as do coal and nuclear plants located across the country.
19 Dec 2010

Changes complicate wind farm approval; Route of power line imperils permitting

Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter Roth, who represents the public interest in the case, said this is the first time he has seen a power line route changed in the middle of the application process. ...Additionally, the state Division of Historical Resources recently rejected a submission from Iberdrola that the state agency said lacked sufficient information to address the project's impact on historical aspects of the community.
6 Nov 2010

To CVPS: Steer clear of wind

I was very disappointed to hear that CVPS has purchased 30 percent of the actual output from the 99-megawatt (installed capacity) industrial wind facility in Coos County, N.H. By doing that you supported the construction of 33 miles of new roads in high alpine areas that are presently roadless. Now I am reading press reports that CVPS is buying output from the Iberdrola project that will be blasted right in the middle of Vermont's most critical black bear habitat.
16 Sep 2010

Wind power yet to power up on Seacoast; Local ordinances allow for it but with restrictions

Suzanne Sayer, a member of the Governor's Task Force on Wind Power in Maine, has extensive experience working with wind turbines. She gave two reasons why it hasn't caught on for residents. "It's not cost effective, and there's no wind," she said. ...Winds in most areas, except right on the coast, are not strong enough or sustained enough for most residential wind turbines to be effective.
5 Sep 2010

Two Vermont utilities OK buying wind power

Slow to approve its own wind-energy projects, the state of Vermont is reaching out to projects in neighboring states to buy wind energy from them. The state Public Service Board has approved contracts under which Vermont's two largest utilities would buy power generated by Granite Reliable Wind's 33 wind towers in northern New Hampshire.
20 May 2010
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