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Lessons from Lempster: Town has found wind farm to be neither blessing nor curse

The state assesses the value of the turbines at $61 million dollars, so Lempster knew that its taxes to the county and state would go up. But the town also knew it would have money coming in from Iberdrola. What it didn't realize was that the funding formula for the school it shares with neighboring Goshen is tied to property values. Now, because Lempter's assessed value is so much higher than Goshen's, Lempster pays a much bigger chunk of the school budget.
20 Nov 2012

Wind farm builder makes pitch to skeptical crowd

Cherion says it's going to be a long process to get the wind project approved, and Iberdrola will work with communities to minimize any impacts. Cherion: it's not likely that we can build or have the approval to build it if the town in general is not supportive of the project, we're not going to force it on you.
14 Nov 2012

Lakes Region group fights wind farm

About 70 people gathered Thursday night for the first meeting of the Newfound Lake Wind Watch, a group of residents trying to stop a proposed wind farm project. "This is going to completely trash our beautiful region of the state," said Jenny Tuthill from Alexandria, the town where the watch was formed.
2 Nov 2012

T. Boone Pickens wavering on wind?

After years of touting his "Pickens plan" for energy independence, and describing America as the "Saudi Arabia of wind," it appears billionaire energy mogul T. Boone Pickens may be wavering in his support of wind power. According to numerous US news outlets ...Pickens has sold off his entire stake in a long-delayed wind farm in Goodhue County, Minnesota.
17 Oct 2012

Iberdrola announces plans for wind farm in Alexandria

Chairman Larry Stickney said although most residents in town may not have any financial interest in the project, they do have "intrinsic values" and an interest in the scenic nature of the town. "I've known Forbes Mountain all my life, and it's a landmark for the people who live here," Stickney said. "People feel there's an intrusion into their world with those big machines."
17 Oct 2012

Antrim to fight for control of subdivisions

Board member Martha Pinello said Antrim is in a unique situation because it is only the fourth town in the state to deal with developers building a wind farm, and it is the first of those towns that has specific land-use planning ordinances. The subdivision proposed by Antrim Wind Energy, a subsidiary of Eolian Renewable Energy, does not meet the regulations the planning board requires.
18 Jul 2012

More windmills? Let's take a breather

Thanks, but no thanks. Let's see how the already approved bird-blenders do before we green light the further carving up of New Hampshire's scenic landscape for inefficient power projects that scar the land, blight the views and kill the wildlife in the name of "green" energy.
17 Jul 2012

Wind farm makes presence known

Residents in Rumney opposed the project with a rash of concerns, including noise, loss of natural view and decreased property values, but their appeals were exhausted when the state Supreme Court did not take up the case. The Groton farm turbines will generate 48 megawatts of electricity. The power will go to the Boston area because the purchase agreement was acquired by NStar, now a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities.
15 Jul 2012

New company takes over Jericho Wind Project

A new company experienced in renewable energy development and financing has taken over the Jericho wind project. The planning board Tuesday night approved amending its site plan approval for the project to reflect the change of ownership from Jericho Mountain Wind Company to Jericho Power, LLC.
8 Jun 2012

Wind farm proposed near Mount Cardigan

Atlantic Wind, a subsidiary of Iberdrola Renewables, has erected seven 200-foot-tall meteorological data collection towers – one on Grafton’s Melvin Mountain, two on Alexandria’s Forbes Mountain and four on Danbury’s Tinkham Hill. ...Grafton Selectboard Chairman Steve Darrow said he generally backs green energy but isn’t sold on the idea of turbines nearby.
3 Jun 2012
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