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Turbines due close review

The wind farm could bring economic vitality to the county ...Local landowners would profit from having a turbine on their property. These gains, however, must be balanced against potential losses. Squaw Creek and hunting bring thousands of visitors to the county each year. Forfeiting those benefits could end up costing more than the wind farm would generate.
10 Aug 2014

Wind farm fight continues in court

After a year of dispute, the Dekalb County Assessor and Wind Capital Group have taken their arguments to the courtroom. The dispute is over assessed tax rates on 97 wind turbines in the Lost Creek Wind Energy project in Dekalb County.
1 Nov 2012

Dispute still stands as Wind Capital pays up

The company is disputing Ms. Ross' assessed property tax value of about $297,000 per wind turbine, an amount she came to when using a formula created by former Wind Capital Group CEO Tom Carnahan. Assessors in several other counties in Northwest Missouri with wind farms have told the News-Press they used the same formula as Holt County, without conflict.
23 Dec 2011

Full steam ahead on wind farm development

After receiving support from the business community, public and school districts, the plan to create an Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) in Adair County will move forward. This step will clear the way for Trade Wind Energy to proceed in developing and installing a wind turbine farm on parts of Adair and Sullivan counties. The application for the EEZ must now be approved by the County Commission and then the Missouri Department of Economic Development.
10 Mar 2010

Farmer, landowner support for proposed Benton County wind farm growing

As a proposal for a 300-megawatt wind farm in northern Benton County continues to gain support from local farmers, a state environmental group has expressed concerns about the potential impact on wildlife habitat the operation could have in the area. About 50 farmers and landowners in northern Benton County agreed this month to pursue the development of a 300-megawatt wind farm that would install between 100 and 125 wind turbines on their properties.
28 Feb 2010

15 Missouri communities served by Sho-Me Power forced to look for new power supply

Proposals in Congress to rein in carbon dioxide emissions believed to be contributing to man-made global climate change have brought any plans to build or invest in new coal-burning power plants to a halt. "Looking 20 years out, it gets very difficult to do that in today's environment," Hartman said. "It's an uncertain future on coal and it takes a few years to build (a plant)."
24 Jan 2010

Few understand electricity

The big problem is that practically nobody understands how electricity works. It is pathetic to see and hear the amount of misinformation being bandied about concerning the ideas for replacing crude oil and coal. The electric co-ops have tried for years to tactfully inform us that we have to use coal. People are apparently not listening.
23 Dec 2009

Missouri wind speeds for energy production lower than predicted

Average wind speeds in Missouri are lower than reported on a state-produced wind map, said a University of Missouri atmospheric scientist. This finding may affect utilities and private investors planning to build wind turbines to provide clean, renewable energy. Lower-than-predicted wind speeds also may make it harder to meet goals set in 2008 by Missouri Proposition C obtain a gradually increasing percentage of their energy from renewable sources.
24 Sep 2009

Zoltek posts loss, idles operations

Zoltek Cos. Inc. posted a loss in its fiscal third quarter as wind farm developers delay projects to see how they can cash in on the federal stimulus package. The company lost $1.4 million in the quarter ended June 30, compared with a profit of $2.3 million a year ago.
11 Aug 2009

Poor economy fails to deter wind projects

Wind energy has already come quite a distance in Northwest Missouri, but the industry is now encountering some turbulence. Critics now ask about the turbines' noise, how best to finance the farms and the impact on customer electric rates. One King City resident remains unconvinced that he can peacefully co-exist with the wind turbines of the Bluegrass Ridge Farm next to his house. Charlie Porter recently filed a lawsuit against Deere & Co. and the Wind Capital Group of St. Louis, alleging that the turbines have caused him to lose sleep and devalue his property.
15 Feb 2009

Output and costs of wind power haven't met city expectations

The city is not getting as much wind power as it expected from the state's first wind farm, and costs are higher than anticipated. The city thought it would receive 2 percent of its monthly energy from Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm in Gentry County in 2008, but the actual amount has been between 0.5 percent and 1.4 percent a month. Connie Kacprowicz of Columbia Water and Light said the reason the city hasn't received as much energy as it anticipated for much of 2008 has been cracked blades on turbines at the wind farm.
28 Jan 2009

Residents powering homes face insurance problems

The idea was for the homeowners to be able to send any excess power back to utilities. But the Missouri Public Service Commission, which oversees the utilities, is requiring homeowners to buy insurance before they start feeding electricity to the grid. And it appears that no Missouri insurance companies sell the insurance.
3 Jan 2009

Insurance rule challenged; PSC requires power producers to get liability insurance

A legal center in St. Louis has filed suit against a Missouri commission, saying it believes a new insurance rule will discourage people from trying to produce their own solar or wind power. ...This fall, the PSC issued an order that customers who produce 10 kilowatts or less of energy need to carry $100,000 worth of liability insurance, and that those who produce more than 10 to 100 kilowatts of energy need to carry $1 million worth of liability insurance, the lawsuit said.
24 Dec 2008
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