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Mississippians could face higher utility bills under Clean Power Plan

The effects for Mississippi could be disastrous. In comments to the EPA, the Mississippi Public Service Commission predicted residential electricity bills could increase 35 percent and industrial electricity rates could skyrocket by 69 percent. The PSC also said the state’s geography and climate would preclude it from shifting onto less-reliable renewable sources such as wind and solar.
20 Aug 2015

Wind Turbines are Part of the Solution but a Small Part

And, while I agree with Mr. Shutkin that wind power, as a source of clean and renewable energy, should and will play a role in our future energy portfolio, its role will necessarily be small because of its fundamental limitation as an energy source: wind power is ‘intermittent’, i.e. it provides energy only when the wind blows, and, as such, wind power is a source of supplemental, not ‘base load’ energy.
1 Nov 2004
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