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Commission OKs CUPs for wind study

One of the citizens, Rhoda Obermeyer, asked what is the reason for the Met towers, and added that “we all know what is coming down the road,” suggesting it was wind turbines. Other concerns were about loss of property values, bird deaths, and crop spraying issues with wind turbines. The three CUPs concerning the Met towers were not the only conditional use permit to be considered by the commission. 
17 Nov 2019

Judge rules Orono can't ban wind turbines

Another Hennepin County judge has weighed in on a lengthy, litigious quarrel over a wind turbine on Lake Minnetonka, deciding that the city of Orono can’t completely ban them. ...The Orono City Council passed a moratorium on small wind conversion systems while the city’s Planning Commission drafts a new ordinance regulating them. 
28 Oct 2014

Jarvis gets OK this time for wind turbine

One man's wind turbine may once again dot the skyline in Fremont Township after the Winona County Planning Commission approved his permit request. James Jarvis was forced to take down his turbine in May after the county board of adjustment did not grant a variance for the wind system. But he has worked with county officials since then to develop a plan to get the turbine back in the air.
20 Nov 2010

Wind ordinance moves on to County Board; Wind ordinance moves on to County Board

Goodhue Wind officials say the proposed ordinance goes too far and would effectively kill their project if fully applied, while members of the anti-wind group Goodhue Wind truth living in its proposed footprint say it doesn't go far enough. "I was going to predict you guys would go with the wind developer's handbook. That turned out to be prophetic."
25 Sep 2010

Goodhue County Planning Commission sends updated wind-power ordinance to county board

A lengthy discussion led to two proposed amendments to the subcommittee's language requiring zero hours of flicker for non-participating dwellings. Subcommittee member Tom Webster remained firm in his push for zero hours, even after a warning from county planning/zoning administrator Mike Wozniak. ...Zero was the number agreed upon, much to the chagrin of Chuck Burdick, a senior wind developer for National Wind.
22 Sep 2010

Wind turbine subject blows into council chambers again

The latest draft ordinance would allow wind turbines in all city areas, except for residential zones. The exception to that would be school zones, which would be permitted to have the structures. All turbines would be subject to conditional approval from the city's planning commission. ..."I think allowing them in residential areas is a bad idea," McAlister said.
5 Jun 2010

Council could tweak turbine measure

It's back to the drawing board for a proposed ordinance that would allow wind turbine construction throughout Austin. Sort of. On Monday evening, the Austin City Council will discuss the issue at its work session, since the proposed law failed to pass council two weeks earlier.
17 May 2010

Austin wind turbine ordinance on hold

The wind turbine ordinance issue has been discussed, debated and dissected by Austin officials for nearly a year. So what difference does a few more weeks make? With a proposed law that would allow the structures to be built throughout the city - with conditions - up for a vote Monday night, City Council split evenly. Because of the tie vote, the issue is likely headed to a council work session.
4 May 2010

Wind turbine ordinance fails 3-3

"This is very much like the outdoor furnaces," he said. "People's reasons for opposing this won't be rational. They will be personal. It only takes one to get this started. After you pass the ordinance, it will be too late to say 'You can't do this'. You would have to base it on the ordinance. Putting it in residential areas is a bad idea. I will be voting 'No'."
4 May 2010

Wind turbine ordinance back for second vote

The Austin City Council will have another vote on the proposed wind turbine regulations on Monday night. As it reads, the proposed ordinance would allow small wind turbines - which are technically referred to as wind energy conversion systems, or WECS - in all parts of the city with a conditional use permit. Large WECS would be permitted in agricultural and industrial areas only.
3 May 2010
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