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NextEra in Tuscola Count, Michigan

Img_0734_thumb These photos clearly demonstrate how wind turbines alter the views and landscape of a community. The towers were sited by NextEra as part of the Tuscola Bay Wind and Wind II facilities. A total of 134 turbines were erected in 2012 and 2013 for a maximum output of 220 megawatts. 
11 Apr 2016

Giants on the horizon: Inside the Lake Winds Energy Park

Among the complaints, things like ‘shadow flicker’ – home videos available on YouTube show the pulsing of light in a nearby home as the blades pass in front of the sun.  More than a dozen neighbors have said the shadows, glare, noise, and other effects of the wind farm are enough to make them sick, filing a lawsuit against Consumers Energy last year. 
7 May 2014

GE 1.6 MW turbines dominate Michigan's landscape

Echowind_1_thumb DTE Energy's 112 MW Echo Wind project is under construction in the townships of Elkton, Chandler, and Oliver in Michigan's Huron County. Construction of the wind facility's 70 GE 1.6 MW wind turbines was completed in mid-October. GE's commissioning of the project was scheduled to be completed by the end of November. The company suspended commissioning activities after experiencing a catastrophic blade failure on Nov. 7, 2013.
27 Feb 2014

County commissioners fail to approve McKinley wind district

"Ultimately, it comes down to what you personally believe (will be) the impact the turbines will have on Huron County. If approved, I believe the McKinley Overlay District will begin the process of destroying the quality of life for the residents along and near the shoreline, reduce residential property values, discourage tourism and damage migratory bird flyways."
13 Jun 2012

Major windpower proposal stirs Benzie, Manistee counties

The movie (WINDFALL), which presents no views or facts either supporting or contradicting the claims made by the worried residents it interviews, clearly influenced the opinions of many in attendance, including Beulah resident Alice Mummey. Ms. Mummey says she is sympathetic to environmental causes ...But she said the movie gave her pause when it comes to building a wind farm in her own county.
27 Jan 2011

WIND TURBINES: Draft of discontent in Manistee and Benzie

Rochelle Rolenhagen, who is writing the ordinance for Pleasanton Township, said her views on wind turbines have changed. She believes the company is intentionally preying upon poor people in an area that couldn't profitably produce electricity for wind if it weren't for a 30% federal subsidy. "A year ago, I was so pro wind you have no idea. But this is a community-changing event because it is superimposing on our rural residential townships.
20 Dec 2010

University of Delaware researcher says 'place attachment' prompts backlash against wind farm development

Firestone and his research colleagues began surveying public opinion on the Cape Wind project in 2004. He quickly learned that opposition to offshore wind farms is not a classic "not in my backyard" reaction. Instead, opposition mainly to the visual impact of turbines seen from land or from boats causes a psychological reaction known as "place attachment." Basically, it is an emotional attachment to surroundings that are familiar.
15 Jul 2010

Don't let wind development create a mistake in Lake Michigan

The Lake Michigan P.O.W.E.R. (Protect Our Water, Economy and Resources) Coalition would like to remind readers about some critical facts regarding offshore wind development and the company aggressively pursuing our shoreline that are important to understand before taking a stance one way or another or rushing into any significant development in one of our greatest natural treasures.
22 Apr 2010

Will wind blow enviros apart?

Now a new community-level movement is arising in Michigan and across the Great Lakes region. This time, established green groups may be separating themselves from it. As Michigan and other state and provincial agencies move to authorize wind farms in the Great Lakes, enviros outside the affected communities are not likely to join offshore wind opponents in any significant numbers.
21 Apr 2010
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