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There are ethical concerns surrounding solar energy; A growing human rights problem is being ignored

Additionally, the mines that produce some of the other key materials needed for solar infrastructure are in countries without stringent environmental and labor standards. Much of China’s polysilicon production occurs in its northwestern provinces, including Xinjiang, which human rights advocates have strongly criticized for its systemic detention and abuse of the Uyghur people. Sadly, solar is not the only form of renewable energy tainted by its association with this region. The supply chain of China’s wind energy industry is tied to forced labor there as well.
12 Jul 2021

Michigan utility’s long-term energy plan in jeopardy over power contracts

Consumers says that from May 2017 to May 2018 it received 398 interconnection requests for 1,800 MW of generation, with projects ranging from .15 MW to 20 MW. The average cost of these projects is $98.40 per megawatt-hour over a 20-year contract, which is “substantially higher” than the company’s contracts for three new wind projects at about $45 per MWh.
26 Sep 2018

State forces alternative energy power to come from within Michigan

The three-member Michigan Public Service Commission unanimously issued a rule on a section of the state's new energy law that sets the phased-in requirement for alternative energy suppliers, who serve customers who buy power from a company other than the state's large electric utilities. Those customers include 200 school districts and thousands of businesses, which typically get cheaper rates in the program.
18 Sep 2017

Governor's Commission rejects voters' judgment on more windmills

A report released by a commission created and appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder has proposed the state take steps to get 30 percent of its electric energy by 2025 through renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy. ...But the recommendation flies in the face of Michigan voters, who soundly rejected a 2012 ballot initiative that would have required 25 percent of the state’s electricity to come from renewables.
24 Mar 2017

Energy talks go all night in House, but no vote yet

The new proposal includes at least two major revisions to the 234-page plan approved last month in the Senate, including provisions designed to ease concerns that new regulations on alternative energy suppliers would effectively kill the state’s “electric choice” program that has allowed some big manufacturers and schools save money on their electric bills.
15 Dec 2016

Michigan energy battle may mean more 500 foot wind turbines in communities

“The state legislators appear to be thinking of making yet another increase to their ignorant mandate for so-called green energy,” said Leo Sonck is the supervisor-elect for Bridgehampton Township and current chairman of its planning committee. “Let's focus on safety, health, welfare and property rights, then if they can be done safely and fair to all, fine, move forward.” 
4 Nov 2016

Renewable energy to inch forward in Michigan

After hitting the 10% level required by law, Michigan's two major utilities appear to be throttling back on adding new renewable energy sources now that they can set their own pace for becoming greener. That means ratepayers for DTE Energy and Consumers Energy will likely see stable monthly bills in the near future.
9 Oct 2016

Q&A: Michigan moves toward renewable power goal, not mandate

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan is headed toward no longer requiring utilities to generate a portion of their power from wind or other renewable sources because Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers instead favor setting a goal — not a new mandate. The debate is among a number of significant issues confronting legislators trying to update energy laws this fall. Some questions and answers about the green power issue:
14 Nov 2015

Michigan Republicans target RPS, efficiency standards

Separate comprehensive energy packages emerging from the House and Senate — both of which have Republican majorities — differ on some topics, including electric choice, but committee chairs from both chambers are intent on removing efficiency standards that were adopted seven years ago. Neither packages call for a higher renewable portfolio standard, while one House Republican introduced a stand-alone bill Thursday to repeal the RPS.
6 Mar 2015

Lawmakers at odds over redefining clean energy

Lawmakers are at odds over a bill that would change Michigan’s definition of renewable energy to count electricity generated by burning tires, used oil and industrial waste. The Republican-backed legislation is pending in the Senate after it was approved last week on a mostly party-line vote in the House.
7 Dec 2014

Bill proposes adding wind industry to 'Right to Farm' Act

“This is the most reckless wind energy proposal I have ever seen ...Rep. Irwin's bill would grant carte blanche siting freedom to utility scale wind developers. Township and county governments would be totally neutered with respect to enacting any regulations to protect their local environment, endangered species or their rural citizens.”
20 Oct 2014
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