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County OKs study of turbine noise

County officials say an outside and independent source is needed because no one on county government boards has the expertise as it relates to sound from turbines. The need also is driven by input from several residents who have complained of noise from turbines nearby their homes.
13 Aug 2014

Lake Township raises restrictive bar in wind energy ordinance

The draft sets stricter setbacks for wind turbines from residences, and from Lake Huron, Rush Lake and game areas; reduces maximum sound levels; provides broader protection for wildlife and endangered species; defines specific height requirements; addresses shadow flicker; establishes a complaint procedure; specifies site placement requirements; and sets requirements for security bonding and decommissioning.
27 Jul 2014

Emmet considering additional wind energy rules

The updates would include new decibel limits focusing specifically on low-frequency sounds produced by wind energy equipment, as measured along an adjacent property’s nearest property line. As proposed, applicants seeking approval for a wind energy system also would need to furnish zoning officials with plans for scheduled maintenance of the equipment.
5 Feb 2014

Judge delays ruling on Clinton County wind-energy project

Lawyers for Bengal, Dallas and Essex townships countered, saying the additional restrictions are consistent with the county’s special-use permit and should be allowed to stand to protect the “health, safety and welfare” of township residents. When the arguments concluded, Tahvonen said he wanted more time to read the legal briefs submitted by each side and would rule “in short order,” but not immediately.
19 Oct 2013

Board sends sustainable energy ordinance back to Planning Commission

"At the May 19, 2009, Board of Trustees meeting, the first reading of the draft ordinance was withdrawn from the board agenda, and the ordinance has never returned,” Mullen said. He said his reason for revisiting the proposed ordinance was a recent application for a solar energy system in the township and that, without approval of the ordinance, the application could not be approved.
15 Oct 2013

Wind turbine policy updates to get Emmet planners' consideration

Currently, the county's ordinance sets a maximum noise level of 35 decibels for wind energy systems as measured at the property line of the generator's site. Proposed changes would increase that noise level to 40 decibels in areas with most zoning classifications -- other than farm-forest 2, a rural zone with relatively low allowable building density where the limit would remain at 35. "Higher-intensity uses typically have higher sound associated with them," said Doernenburg.
30 Sep 2013

Paris Township settles on strict wind ordinance

Turbines must be 2,000 feet from non-participating property owners' homes and three times the turbine height from non-participating property lines. ...In terms of sound for Paris, there will be an allowance of 35 decibels during the day and 30 at night for non-leased property, and 40 during the day and 35 at night for leased property.
30 May 2013

Wind farm ordinance on the ballot

The changes to the wind project ordinance were brought to a special election after township residents filed a petition to have the changes put up for a vote with a referendum. Alan Jon Burrell, Reading Township supervisor said the special election will give everyone in Reading Township to weigh in on the wind farm ordinance.
25 Feb 2013

Bengal Township restricts wind turbine projects

Bengal Township has joined the list of local governments imposing stricter wind turbine ordinances than current Clinton County regulations. In a 5-0 vote during a special meeting Thursday night, the Bengal Township Board of Trustees joined Dallas and Essex townships in approving a more restrictive measure.
1 Dec 2012
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