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County discusses potential halt of wind projects

After County Commissioner John Nugent stated his intention last week to pursue a countywide moratorium on wind energy development, several residents, commissioners and the county’s corporate counsel have responded. “I have no intention to deviate from what I said. I’m in the process of researching it, speaking with people, talking with attorneys. And when it’s appropriate, after the first of the year, I’ll bring forward a resolution … hopefully for a full moratorium.”
17 Dec 2014

Moratorium placed on wind farms

This moratorium, which was approved in November, officially prevents permits, licenses, and approvals for wind energy development from being issued in the county, Commissioner Craig Reiter said. "Basically, it shuts (development) down," Reiter said.
11 Dec 2014

Meade Township turbines appear headed to a vote

In response to the township board approving areas that DTE Energy has deemed suitable for wind turbines, Rita Parsch set out last month to get the 45 signatures needed to file a referendum. The petition requests the decision to be put to a vote by residents on the May ballot.
5 Dec 2014

Planners approve wind park

A majority of the conversation focused on the principle and legality of putting turbines close to the water, which has become a contentious point. In October, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service joined the conversation, sending a letter to Huron County recommending a three-mile buffer inland from the shoreline that precludes wind development. 
5 Dec 2014

Final phase of power loop nears completion

Dubbed the “Thumb Loop,” ITC Transmission calls its 345,000-volt line the “backbone” of a system designed to meet the identified maximum wind energy potential of the Thumb. It’s capable of supporting a maximum capacity of about 5,000 megawatts generated from 2,800 wind turbines, according to ITC. 
14 Nov 2014

It’s too early to disband wind committee; Board chairman Elftman tries, but fails on 5-1 vote

A committee tasked with revising the county’s wind energy ordinance will remain in place, despite a motion made Tuesday by County Commissioner Clark Elftman to disband it. Referred to as the Wind Energy Zoning Committee, it aims to rework “deficient” and “outdated” regulation set for noise from wind turbines. To help in that process, the county hired Grand Rapids-based acoustics firm Acoustics by Design, for a cost of $10,500. 
16 Oct 2014

County officials explain idle wind turbines

Smith said residents have questioned him as to why turbines at Brookfield Wind Park aren’t turning. Restoration and tile repairs are being made, he said, and as soon as circuits are energized, “they will come back online.” Thirteen out of the 44 turbines are running now.
9 Sep 2014

County wind committee ready to call it a day

After choosing to pay $10,500 to a Grand Rapids-based acoustics firm to help revise Huron County’s wind ordinance — specifically areas related to sound and noise levels of wind turbines — Peruski said the ad-hoc committee will likely have a recap meeting and submit final results to planners and commissioners. “We’ll let (Acoustics by Design) do their work.”
29 Aug 2014

Visible and frustrating: Utilities chief sees more timely response to turbine issues than warranty provider

He said the turbines’ energy performance improved from 2010 through 2012 as early problems were resolved. But production fell in 2013 because of breakdown and replacement of a 15-kilovolt breaker in each turbine, among other problems. The turbines ran well from November 2013 through April 2014 when the nosecone on the south turbine fell off.
16 Jul 2014

Wind turbine controversy continues

Garden residents have been divided over wind turbines, and their placement on resident’s property.  In hopes of avoiding this, Schoolcraft County board members passed an ordinance requiring wind turbines to be built over 3,000 feet from a residence’s property line.
27 Jun 2014
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