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Wind zoning public hearing Wednesday

During Tuesday’s regular Board of Commissioners meeting, Board Chairman John Nugent said he has concerns about changes the planning commissioners made after receiving proposed ordinance changes from the county’s Wind Energy Zoning Committee, an ad hoc committee created by county commissioners in early 2014 to investigate wind energy and advise the planning commission.
29 Oct 2015

County board eyes changes to wind turbine ordinance

Among the revisions the board voted in favor of adopting was increasing the setback to 1,640 feet from non-participating property lines.  ...The board also voted to adopt a proposed revision that would require wind turbine developers to ensure the existence of funds for decommissioning turbines by buying bonds. 
23 Oct 2015

Residents urge planners not to rush new wind ordinance

Slowing the process of getting a new wind energy ordinance for the county isn’t bothering some residents. “I feel there’s a tendency, a human tendency, (of) ‘Let’s finally get rid of this thing and pass something,’ ” Keith Iseler of Port Hope said Wednesday when county planners met, commending their efforts before again reviewing a new rulebook for wind turbines.
5 Sep 2015

County still concerned about wind power suits

As officials further debate the chapters of a new rule book for wind projects, the threat of litigation against the county is becoming a recurring concern. In July, the attorney for the board of commissioners, Stephen Allen, cautioned that new wind energy regulations should be based on reason, rather than opinion.
11 Aug 2015

Moore Township wind farm plans halted

Following the ordinance approval, Raymond Ellis II, of Snover, submitted a petition June 16 asking for a referendum of the ordinance, meaning that the ordinance is frozen until township residents vote on it in November’s general election. Greg Dorman, Moore Township supervisor, said if residents vote down the ordinance than the township board will have to re-write it.
24 Jun 2015

Court rules against townships in wind farm dispute

Township officials have not stood by waiting for the decision. Essex Township enacted new regulations on wind farms, but did not include restrictions on height, distance and setbacks. Dallas Township enacted an interim zoning ordinance in February that restricts the height of wind energy systems to 380 feet. Bengal Township is also considering a zoning ordinance.
19 Jun 2015

Overloaded with wind business, planners seek help

During most meetings in the past year, planners have sat in front of five-inch binders detailing wind developers’ project plans. Other communications, from letters to emails regarding wind energy, flood the building and zoning office. When planers ask Smith of progress toward unfinished business items unrelated to wind energy, he typically says he has not had time.
7 Jun 2015

Township Votes Down Wind Energy Project

Voters in Huron County’s Meade Township have given a big thumbs down to a prospective Detroit Edison wind energy project. On May 5, voters rejected a proposal to allow Detroit Edison to erect up to 48 wind turbines in the township. The vote was 222 to 147, which is slightly more than a 60 percent to 40 percent margin.
11 May 2015

Wind turbine debate heads local ballot issues

A ballot question that’s gained perhaps the most attention asks whether a wind energy project with up to 58 turbines should continue in Meade Township. Residents, township officials and attorneys tussled for months at meetings to decide whether areas should be approved for wind development. 
9 Apr 2015
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