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Citizens take windmill concerns to county

“Catastrophic failures do happen,” said Block, a local businessman who supported the recent petition drive for a referendum on Marion Township’s expanded windmill district. “The two recent events in Huron County prove the need and importance of proper setbacks.”
9 Mar 2016

Wind Energy Meeting in Argyle Saturday on March 8 vote

The Concerned Citizens of Argyle and Moore Townships held a Facts vs Fiction meeting at the St. Joseph's Parish Hall in Argyle Township on Saturday for nearly 100 area residents. Attendees heard speakers on the topics of abandoning homes, zoning ordinances, and acoustics. Voters in Argyle Township will see a proposed Ordinance Amendment on the March 8th ballot.
22 Feb 2016

Citizens critical of windmill project; Marion officials approve plans; referendum possible

Citizens in yet another township may get their say at the ballot box regarding windmills. Approximately 100 people packed the Deckerville Community Center last Thursday evening, where the Marion Township Board of Trustees considered the proposal by Exelon Generation to expand its windmill district, and the planning commission considered the company’s site review application for 40 additional wind turbines.
27 Jan 2016

Planning commission approves new wind energy ordinance

Nearly two years of work came to a close in a two-hour session Wednesday night at the Huron County Expo Center, where officials agreed in a 7-2 vote to set sail the ship that is the new wind energy ordinance to county commissioners for a final decision. Follow along to see the night’s progression and the in-betweens.
6 Nov 2015

Project to build 72 turbines put on hold

Plans to build 72 wind turbines in north and northeastern Huron County have been put on hold. The county’s director of building and zoning, Jeff Smith, said in an email a contract with the RES Americas construction group has ended, putting the Deerfield Wind project on hold.
24 Oct 2015

DTE Energy moving into next phase for Pinnebog Wind Project with a few challenges

Three participating landowners out of 17 who already have contracts with DTE Energy through previous projects have not signed a property line distance setback waiver at this time for various reasons. One landowner, who spoke at the meeting, even offered to return all money received by DTE in the years they have been a participant in order to no longer be involved in wind energy. 
7 Oct 2015

Renewables just a hood ornament on fossil fuel power system

Nevertheless, the public remains mostly unaware of the degree to which the heavily subsidized or mandated renewable energy sources, including wind and solar, rely on fossil fuels. More than half the electric generation nominally credited to wind power is actually produced by fossil fuels, mostly natural gas.
4 Sep 2015

DTE planning another wind park

Waters says DTE is exploring several potential wind energy projects, both outside and inside Huron County, as a replacement for the Meade Wind Park ...In a May referendum, 60 percent of Meade Township voters decided against the Meade Wind Park. 
15 Aug 2015

DTE not sure on next move to harness wind

DTE Energy says a decision has not been made on whether it will build the remainder of a 58-turbine project planned for Colfax and Chandler townships — another factor hinting at a shift in wind development in Huron County. In a May 5 referendum, 60 percent of Meade Township voters decided they didn’t want to see 48 wind turbines built in their township as part of DTE’s Meade Wind Park. Six turbines were planned for Colfax and four in Chandler.
28 May 2015

Meade voters say no to wind turbines

“Obviously, we’re disappointed,” DTE spokesperson Scott Simons said, adding that it was part of the utility’s plan to bring clean and affordable energy to Michigan residents and a commitment to a state mandate requiring utilities to generate 10 percent from renewable energy sources. “As a result, we’re exploring different sites outside Huron County.”
6 May 2015

'Big Oil' and 'Big Wind' keep public in the dark about wind dependence on fossil fuels

The news media is at its best when risking the wrath of powerful interests by telling an underdog’s side of a story. When those rare instances arise, the news media stand tall. What seems to increasingly be occurring, however, features the news media misidentifying some entities as underdogs and failing to realize that a charade is being acted out.
21 Apr 2015

Adams Twp. won’t change ordinance for wind farm

In a move aimed at blocking development of a wind farm on and around Whealkate Bluff, the Adams Township Board of Trustees voted Monday not to amend a wind farm ordinance to allow turbines closer to homes than originally intended. The move came at the end of a packed public meeting in which well over 100 township residents made it vocally clear most would prefer not to see the wind turbines on their skyline.
14 Apr 2015
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