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Will wind blow enviros apart?

Now a new community-level movement is arising in Michigan and across the Great Lakes region. This time, established green groups may be separating themselves from it. As Michigan and other state and provincial agencies move to authorize wind farms in the Great Lakes, enviros outside the affected communities are not likely to join offshore wind opponents in any significant numbers.
21 Apr 2010

Monterey hopes to limit sound from wind turbines

Monterey Township planning commission members hoped to quell the storm of protest to its wind energy ordinance by proposing several new amendments Tuesday, March 11. ...Amendments included a 45-decibel sound limit from each turbine at "non-associated" dwellings, which are houses that have not contractually agreed to host a turbine on their property, and a 50-decibel limit on non-associated property lines.
25 Mar 2010

Industrial wind turbines? What would grandma say?

My grandmother, Agnes, lived in Monterey Township at the turn of the 20th century. Her favorite saying was, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” What do you think she would say of the placement of gigantic wind turbines on the hillsides and in the fields of her beautiful Monterey? ...would she say, “Go for it. It’s progress and it is for the good of the country?” I don't believe that she would.
15 Mar 2010

Offshore wind farm proposal goes before Oceana Planning Commission

Oceana County commissioners agreed Thursday to send the request from an offshore wind development group on to the county's planning commission for its input. Despite pressure from opponents of the proposed offshore wind farm to end the plan, commissioners decided to refer the memo from Scandia Wind to the planners for review, study and a recommendation.
12 Mar 2010

Noise study fails to quiet some concerns

There was no dead air in the packed Huron County Circuit Court Room Wednesday as local residents and officials heard a presentation regarding findings from the Michigan Wind I noise study. During the Huron County Planning Commission's Feb. 3 meeting, John Deere Wind Energy officials presented the findings from the sound study, which found while the majority of the Michigan Wind I development near Ubly is in compliance, three sites measured exceeded the noise limit set in the county's wind ordinance by 1 decibel.
5 Mar 2010

Low-frequency noise study needed ASAP

It's time for our representatives, both state and federal, to take a serious look at the possible health effects of wind turbines. It's possible reported problems are psychological, but we will not know conclusively until a reliable test is available. Yes, this will cost a lot of money, but it will be nothing compared to the price we will pay if we erect hundreds of turbines in the Upper Thumb and then find proof of a problem.
6 Feb 2010

Sound study: Slight violations found

John Deere officials on Wednesday reported that while a sound study conducted last fall found the majority of the Michigan Wind I development near Ubly is in compliance, three sites exceeded the noise limit set in the county's wind ordinance by 1 decibel. ...John Deere Wind Energy Vice President David A. Drescher said he was surprised by the findings that showed three sites were 1 decibel above the county's 50 decibel limit.
4 Feb 2010

Wind turbine flicker annoys DEQ employees in Bay City

A wind turbine outside the state Department of Environmental Quality office in Bay City generates a "flicker effect" that annoys employees. The problem is with frosted skylights on top of the building, officials say. The natural light they give off is great. But when the sun shines just right, shadows from the turbine blades fall onto the roof of the building, creating a strobelike effect inside.
4 Feb 2010

Redo for turbine complaint process

The county's noise complaint resolution process was back in the spotlight this week as the Huron County Planning Commission learned the board of commissioners did not vote on its previous recommendation - and now it's back to the drawing board. The planning commission is working to create a specific section in the county's wind ordinance that would detail a process for residents to file official complaints about the turbines.
9 Jan 2010

Resident fights plan to plop wind turbines on Lake Michigan

Pentwater, with its population of approximately 1,000, is a scenic, quiet village known for its summer music concerts at the village green and its close proximity to Lake Michigan. If a newly-formed company has its way, however, Schwarz and many other local residents believe Pentwater and the 100-mile long coastal stretch from Muskegon on the south to Ludington on the north will dramatically alter the area for the worse.
30 Dec 2009

Neighbors make waves over turbines; State officials, residents caught off guard by plan

At a public meeting last week, residents of Ludington and Pentwater were unhappy, saying the spinning blades would ruin their vista and shoo away tourists and the money they bring to the area. There also are environmental concerns about how the noise and low-frequency hum the turbines make might affect bird and fish migration patterns. ..."It was shocking," said Mary Stiphany of Pentwater.
23 Dec 2009

Battle continues over wind turbines

The City of Grand Rapids wants to install two turbines to generate 80,000 megawatts to power the city's water treatment plant. The city brought their plans to the residents of Grand Haven on Monday night, and they are not too happy about it. The Lake Michigan shoreline has been described as beautiful and pristine, and for many people in Grand Haven, it's also their backyard.
1 Dec 2009

Grand Haven Township residents oppose Grand Rapids plan to build wind turbines near their homes

Lake Michigan cottage owner Rob Schantz favors smaller carbon footprints, buying locally and other green initiatives. But plans by city of Grand Rapids officials to build two 300-foot-tall wind turbines within view of his family's cottage is not environmentally friendly in his book. ...Schantz and many of his lakefront neighbors plan to attend an informational meeting Monday night to voice concerns to Grand Haven Township officials considering an ordinance change to allow large electricity-generating wind turbines.
28 Nov 2009

Turbine build-out in Michigan's Thumb area

What2800turbineslooklike_thumb This image depicts what the Thumb region of Michigan might look like should 2800 wind turbines be erected as proposed by the Governor's Wind Zone Board. This would be the equivalent to building 88 wind farms sized equal to the John Deere Harvest wind facility (32 turbines). The turbines marked in red on the image are existing facilities both owned and operated by John Deere. The Harvest wind site is located in the north west. The Michigan Wind I facility consists of 46 towers in Ubly to the south east. Numerous complaints of excessive noise from the towers have already been filed.
25 Nov 2009

Turbine setback, noise debated

A public hearing held Monday served as the forum for a variety of interests, as local government officials, wind developers and residents gave input on the effect of wind turbine setback requirements and noise limitations on wind energy development. ...A majority of the residents who spoke Monday were opposed to wind energy development in their area, citing concerns that turbines sited too close to homes will cause health problems, declining property values, a loss of scenic value and wildlife, and other detrimental effects to the environment.
25 Nov 2009
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