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Rob Rand | "Wind turbine sound: An independant investigation

Robert Rand has thirty years' experience in acoustics including industrial noise control, environmental sound, and architectural acoustics.  He has been a member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering since 1993. In thos presentation, Rand explains turbine noise. Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition (IICC) hosted a seminar at the Blissfield Middle School in Michigan. IICC is opposing wind turbine siting in Riga, Ogden and Fairfield townships, Michigan. Duration: 59 minutes 24 seconds
19 Oct 2011

Life with Dekalb Turbines

Dave and Stephanie Hulthen spoke on "Life with Dekalb Turbines". They are from DeKalb County, Illinois. They live in the middle of an industrial wind farm. There are thirteen industrial wind turbines located within one mile of their home, two within 1400 feet. Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition (IICC) hosted a seminar at the Blissfield Middle School in Michigan. IICC is opposing wind turbine siting in Riga, Ogden and Fairfield townships, Michigan. Duration: 41 minutes 29 seconds  
19 Oct 2011

Emmet wind turbine ordinance not likely to change

County officials began reviewing their relatively new wind ordinance after Lake Effect Energy Corporation proposed a 120-foot, 20 kilowatt wind turbine in Cross Village that failed to meet the county's required 30 decibel limit -- though average sound output for the wind turbine would be just shy of the allowable limit at 26.04 decibels.
9 Nov 2010

Monterey turbines: Getting a taste of 45 decibels

Monterey resident Nathan Steffen, who has a master's degree in industrial health from the University of Michigan and has supervised sound testing professionally, played the sound of a turbine and used a sound decibel meter to match the 45-decibel limit. "I'm just here to give the planning commission a reference point of what the difference in the sound level is," Steffen said. "We're simulating exactly what (they) have in the ordinance."
15 Apr 2010

Monterey hopes to limit sound from wind turbines

Monterey Township planning commission members hoped to quell the storm of protest to its wind energy ordinance by proposing several new amendments Tuesday, March 11. ...Amendments included a 45-decibel sound limit from each turbine at "non-associated" dwellings, which are houses that have not contractually agreed to host a turbine on their property, and a 50-decibel limit on non-associated property lines.
25 Mar 2010

Noise study fails to quiet some concerns

There was no dead air in the packed Huron County Circuit Court Room Wednesday as local residents and officials heard a presentation regarding findings from the Michigan Wind I noise study. During the Huron County Planning Commission's Feb. 3 meeting, John Deere Wind Energy officials presented the findings from the sound study, which found while the majority of the Michigan Wind I development near Ubly is in compliance, three sites measured exceeded the noise limit set in the county's wind ordinance by 1 decibel.
5 Mar 2010

Low-frequency noise study needed ASAP

It's time for our representatives, both state and federal, to take a serious look at the possible health effects of wind turbines. It's possible reported problems are psychological, but we will not know conclusively until a reliable test is available. Yes, this will cost a lot of money, but it will be nothing compared to the price we will pay if we erect hundreds of turbines in the Upper Thumb and then find proof of a problem.
6 Feb 2010

Sound study: Slight violations found

John Deere officials on Wednesday reported that while a sound study conducted last fall found the majority of the Michigan Wind I development near Ubly is in compliance, three sites exceeded the noise limit set in the county's wind ordinance by 1 decibel. ...John Deere Wind Energy Vice President David A. Drescher said he was surprised by the findings that showed three sites were 1 decibel above the county's 50 decibel limit.
4 Feb 2010

Malcolm Swinbanks testimony on wind turbine noise

Swinbankstestimony-michigan_psce_thumb This letter, prepared by acoustics expert Malcolm Swinbanks, addresses three separate issues relating to wind turbines. First, an unresolved issue relating to low-frequency sound generation by wind-turbines. Second, further well-established characteristics of low-frequency noise. Third, the present status of permitted noise levels and setbacks. An excerpt of this letter is provided below. The full letter, as submitted to the State of Michigan, can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of this page.
9 Dec 2009

Turbine setback, noise debated

A public hearing held Monday served as the forum for a variety of interests, as local government officials, wind developers and residents gave input on the effect of wind turbine setback requirements and noise limitations on wind energy development. ...A majority of the residents who spoke Monday were opposed to wind energy development in their area, citing concerns that turbines sited too close to homes will cause health problems, declining property values, a loss of scenic value and wildlife, and other detrimental effects to the environment.
25 Nov 2009

Living by wind farms no breeze, some say

Dozens of angry people showed up at a public meeting Monday to complain to the Public Service Commission about how their lives have been changed for the worse by annoying wind turbines, and to recommend that if the state plans thousands more, they should be built as far as possible from homes. Some neighbors of 78 turbines in the Thumb area said they are constantly disturbed by vibrations.
24 Nov 2009

Homeowners fight against the wind; Turbines blow ill wind for some

In the Champagne household, there are two opinions on the whirling wind turbines that surround the family's home of 35 years. Gene Champagne is bothered by the thumping, rumbling sound of the blades that loom like giants over the house. The noise disturbs his sleep and destroys his TV reception. Flickering shadows from sun on the blades run around rooms. ...Opponents say tighter restrictions are needed. The wind industry says tougher rules will keep wind farms out of Michigan.
27 Sep 2009

Turbine subcommittee discusses noise study; Residents share concerns about bias

Epsilon Associates, Inc. of Massachusetts will be conducting a noise study at the Michigan I Wind Park next month, and the study was a focal point of conversation during the Huron County Wind Energy Subcommittee meeting. Russ Lundberg, Huron County Building and Zoning director, said he and Kurt Damrow, Huron County commissioner and head of the subcommittee, met with Rob O'Neal of Epsilon Associates earlier this month. The company was hired by John Deere Wind to complete the wind turbine noise study.
26 Aug 2009

MSU, U of M may conduct wind turbine health effects study

During last week's meeting of the Huron County Wind Energy Subcommittee, which was formed to address complaints about wind turbines from residents, Huron County Commissioner Kurt Damrow said a teleconference will take place in the near future, although a date has yet to be determined. Huron County Health Department officials, along with some members of the subcommittee, will discuss the protocol of a health study with the universities. Previous studies on the subject will be reviewed to determine their applicability to Huron County.
5 Aug 2009

Wind turbines creating bad buzz in Michigan Thumb

People who live near some of the 46 turbines at a wind park in Bingham and Sheridan townships are now complaining about ongoing noise and rumble from the 300-foot-tall renewable energy generators. "You can't go outside and have a nice, peaceful quiet night anymore," said Curt Watchowski, 42, who lives about 1,500 feet from two turbines on Purdy Road.
28 Jun 2009

County to conduct noise study

Huron County commissioners decided Tuesday to conduct a noise study of the Michigan Wind 1 development that's independent of one that will be conducted later this summer by John Deere Wind Energy. Commissioner Dave Peruski said an independent study on the existing turbines near Ubly will provide more evidence on what effects the park may be having on nearby neighbors.
24 Jun 2009

Subcommittee plans meetings to address turbine complaints

Officials said the subcommittee recently formed to address a series of noise complaints the county has received regarding the Michigan Wind 1 development in Ubly will meet every Thursday. ...Damrow said Huron County Environmental Health Director Dale Lipar also was extended an invitation to participate in the subcommittee because this issue has to do with public health concerns raised by the residents who submitted the noise complaints.
19 Jun 2009
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