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Officials asking state to slow down on offshore wind turbines

Sanilac County officials are part of an ad hoc group of municipal leaders from across Michigan's Thumb that is urging the state to go slow on legislation calling for offshore wind turbines in Lake Huron. "We were not familiar with or notified of the bill," said Carl Osentoski of Ubly, who launched the Thumb Regional Energy Collaborative Group in summer 2010.
16 Jan 2011

Eligible voters to decide county Props 1 & 2

The Huron County Board of Commissioners approved the two amendments in July, but they now are up for a vote of residents in the county's zoning jurisdiction because a petition was filed to get the amendments on Tuesday's ballot. The two proposals, if approved by the majority of eligible voters, would not automatically approve wind developments.
3 Nov 2010

Legislators urge governors to withdraw from Regional Climate Initiative

Today, state Rep. Tom McMillin of Michigan introduced a resolution (H.R. 277) urging his state's governor to withdraw Michigan from continued participation in the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord (MGGRA), an agreement among the region's governors to reduce greenhouse gases through a regional cap-and-trade program. ...nearby participating states intend to introduce similar measures in their own legislatures.
6 May 2010

Granholm urges regulations for wind farm industry

Gov. Jennifer Granholm's support of offshore wind development in Michigan is clear. The governor has embraced locating huge utility-scale wind turbines offshore on some of the 38,000 square miles of Michigan's Great Lakes bottomlands. ...She acknowledged being term-limited and leaving the governor's office at the end of December. She said she wants offshore wind policies and regulations in place before the end of her term.
22 Apr 2010

Lake Michigan P.O.W.E.R. Coalition hopes legislature improves on initial GLOW recommendations

With legislative recommendations officially proposed by the Great Lakes Wind Council, the Lake Michigan P.O.W.E.R. Coalition is hoping the state legislature will improve on recommendations to establish a state process to better protect the Great Lakes and local interests. The coalition also responded to the March 2 proposal by Scandia Wind LLC to reduce the size of its Lake Michigan wind farm.
12 Mar 2010

State board's advice on wind farm skirts distance rules

A governor-appointed advisory panel has issued its recommended state rules and regulations for offshore wind developments in the Great Lakes, stopping short of a stand on how far the turbines should remain from shore. The minimum-distance issue has been a point of contention for opponents of offshore wind farms, some of whom say turbines will spoil the view.
5 Mar 2010

Thumb named primary wind zone

The MPSC on Wednesday designated the Thumb area as a primary wind energy zone. The zone consists of parts of Bay, Huron, Saginaw, Sanilac and Tuscola Counties. This area was as Region 4 by the Michigan Wind Energy Resource Zone Board in an Oct. 15, 2009 final report. Per state law, the Wind Energy Resource Zone Board was created to identify areas within the state that have the most potential for wind energy development.
29 Jan 2010

Plan for turbines on Great Lakes modified to measure offshore wind energy potential

A university intends to measure Lake Michigan's potential for offshore wind power with a $1.4 million federal grant. ..."We are not putting wind turbines out there," said Arn Boezaart, interim director of the university's Alternative and Renewable Energy Center. "Funding has not allowed for that to happen. We are developing an offshore project to develop wind data on Lake Michigan, as well as other research information on top of that."
29 Nov 2009

Scammed again

A few weeks ago I wrote about Public Act 295, called the “Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act.” This deceptively named law requires all Michigan utilities to produce 10% of their energy from renewable energy sources by 2015. Of course, the “renewable energy” they’re talking about is the kind we don’t have. Its water, biomass, and wind. It specifically excludes coal, nuclear and oil, three things we can buy or build that generate lots of cheap electricity. The kind of reliable, cheap power that people look for when they’re going to build a plant that employs people.
2 Oct 2009

Wind energy hearing draws 60; State board seeks to identify areas of best wind potential

About 60 people took time out of their day Monday to hear a presentation and give comments to the state's Wind Energy Resource Zone Board. ...One thing Walter stressed over and over again throughout the hearing was that people shouldn't focus on individual properties included or excluded in the report. The board's charge was to identify on a "macro" scale where the best potential wind and available land coincide. It eliminated sensitive areas, areas around airports, assumed a setback of one mile for Great Lakes shorelines
1 Sep 2009

City of Grand Rapids considering wind turbine use near Lake Michigan

The city of Grand Rapids has advised Grand Haven Township officials it may ultimately seek permits to erect large wind turbines at the city-owned Lake Michigan Filtration Plant on the shoreline. ..."We've got what we think is enough land there to create some isolation from the homes along the lakeshore, and still be able to capture the lake winds that blow strongly through that area," said Heartwell.
12 Aug 2009

Next battle over wind energy in Michigan awaits offshore

As Michigan seeks to close its wind power gap with neighboring states, it is also approaching a formidable political hurdle. Is the state ready to accept offshore wind turbines in waters prized by boaters and wealthy lakeshore property owners alike? ... The Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council is recommending amending Public Act 325 to allow offshore waters to be included in the public trust. That would give the state authority to override local opposition.
6 Aug 2009

Energy experts warn Mich. of green gamble

Gov. Jennifer Granholm took to a conference stage this past week to sell a national audience on her vision of a green Michigan - a state whose natural resources, work force and empty factories can attract alternative energy jobs. ...Energy experts and executives at the same conference say it's a green gamble for Michigan or any state to take, and time is not on their side. They argue the federal government is creating unrealistic expectations.
22 Jun 2009
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