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Renewables just a hood ornament on fossil fuel power system

Nevertheless, the public remains mostly unaware of the degree to which the heavily subsidized or mandated renewable energy sources, including wind and solar, rely on fossil fuels. More than half the electric generation nominally credited to wind power is actually produced by fossil fuels, mostly natural gas.
4 Sep 2015

DTE planning another wind park

Waters says DTE is exploring several potential wind energy projects, both outside and inside Huron County, as a replacement for the Meade Wind Park ...In a May referendum, 60 percent of Meade Township voters decided against the Meade Wind Park. 
15 Aug 2015

County still concerned about wind power suits

As officials further debate the chapters of a new rule book for wind projects, the threat of litigation against the county is becoming a recurring concern. In July, the attorney for the board of commissioners, Stephen Allen, cautioned that new wind energy regulations should be based on reason, rather than opinion.
11 Aug 2015

Company investigates turbine complaint

But, she says she follows a routine in order to adapt and “get some sleep.” “Close windows (even in summer, turn on the air conditioner in the window). Then I turn on the TV (usually to CNN) and put earplugs in my ears (helps drown out the turbine sound). It has enabled (me) to get to sleep and have a fairly good sleep pattern,” the letter states.
9 Aug 2015

Mason County Michigan Wind Ordinance

Masoncountywind7.1.15_thumb The Mason County, Michigan Planning Commission adopted thie wind energy ordinance effective July, 2015. This ordinance was developed following noise and shadow flicker complaints tied to Consumers Energy Lake Winds wind project. Portions of the ordinance are posted below. The full ordinance can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.
26 Jun 2015

Moore Township wind farm plans halted

Following the ordinance approval, Raymond Ellis II, of Snover, submitted a petition June 16 asking for a referendum of the ordinance, meaning that the ordinance is frozen until township residents vote on it in November’s general election. Greg Dorman, Moore Township supervisor, said if residents vote down the ordinance than the township board will have to re-write it.
24 Jun 2015

US Wildlife looking at impact of accidental kills by wind farms

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is developing an environmental impact statement to evaluate the potential of issuing incidental take permits for protected bird and bat species if regional wind industry development grows. According to a news release by the service, the states within the plan are Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. It is called the Midwest Wind Energy Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan.
20 Jun 2015

Court rules against townships in wind farm dispute

Township officials have not stood by waiting for the decision. Essex Township enacted new regulations on wind farms, but did not include restrictions on height, distance and setbacks. Dallas Township enacted an interim zoning ordinance in February that restricts the height of wind energy systems to 380 feet. Bengal Township is also considering a zoning ordinance.
19 Jun 2015

Overloaded with wind business, planners seek help

During most meetings in the past year, planners have sat in front of five-inch binders detailing wind developers’ project plans. Other communications, from letters to emails regarding wind energy, flood the building and zoning office. When planers ask Smith of progress toward unfinished business items unrelated to wind energy, he typically says he has not had time.
7 Jun 2015

DTE not sure on next move to harness wind

DTE Energy says a decision has not been made on whether it will build the remainder of a 58-turbine project planned for Colfax and Chandler townships — another factor hinting at a shift in wind development in Huron County. In a May 5 referendum, 60 percent of Meade Township voters decided they didn’t want to see 48 wind turbines built in their township as part of DTE’s Meade Wind Park. Six turbines were planned for Colfax and four in Chandler.
28 May 2015

Wind farm fights noise rule

Heritage's lawsuit focuses on a pair of recently-adopted Garden Township noise ordinances - Ordinance 2014-1, and a revised version called Ordinance 2015-2. If it goes into effect on June 1 as scheduled, Ordinance 2015-2 will limit noise to a maximum of 35 dB(A) and/or 50 dB(C) between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Heritage alleges that these restrictions would essentially make it impossible for the wind farm to continue operating at full capacity during these times.
18 May 2015
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