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Energy company at odds with county over safety of wind turbines

Robert Rand, of Rand Acoustics, whose profession takes him from coast to coast, said wind plants are causing similar health and annoyance problems throughout the nation. "The problems are all the result of putting large industrial wind turbines too close to where people live," Rand said. "The only real solution to the noise problem is distance. Turbines have to be placed where they won't do harm to people."
13 Dec 2013

County Planning Commission rejects Exelon noise compliance report

“I think we can tell them right up front that we’ve had documents from Epsilon that give that information in the past, and that’s what we expect,” Brock said. “We want a complete, accurate sound study done. … What they’ve presented, we say, does not meet our current ordinance.” Paris Township resident Robert McLean asked the board to demand that Exelon hire a third-party, independent company to conduct the noise study, but he board declined.
12 Dec 2013

Noise concerns part of Emmet planners' wind energy policy discussion

The commission did not take action on the updates proposed for the wind energy systems ordinance, which originally was adopted in 2009. Commission chairman John Eby said members will again consider the matter at their regular meeting on Nov. 7, and will conduct an additional public hearing on the matter at that time. Any position that the planning commission takes will serve as an advisory one for the county. The proposed updates would adjust the allowable noise level for wind energy systems upward in areas with most zoning designations.
4 Oct 2013

Lake township board hears turbine presentation

Swinbanks explained that noise is made up of many frequencies, and low-frequency noise is outside the range of human hearing. While people cannot hear low-frequency noise, it can impact a person's health. Unfortunately when measuring turbine noise, ordinances typically put more restrictions on noise within the human hearing range and do not restrict low-frequency noise enough.
1 Aug 2013

Lawsuit alleges wind power; A threat to health and safety

"We've now moved our beds to the basement in a storage room," Shineldecker said. "After living in my house for 18 years, [we're sleeping] in a storage room on an air mattress so I can try to sleep . . . so my lovely wife can get up and go and try to teach second graders and be awake in the morning. "We have been up multiple, multiple nights and cannot sleep."
16 Apr 2013

Mason County wind farm neighbors sue Consumers Energy, claim physical harm from Lake Winds Energy Park

The lawsuit claims the plaintiffs will continue to suffer harm, including physical injury, emotional distress and loss of property value if they continue to be exposed to the wind farm's operation. The $250 million Lake Winds Energy Park development generates 100.8 megawatts of electricity. Its Vestas turbines are 312 feet high at the hub, with rotor blades having a 328-foot diameter.
8 Apr 2013

Lawsuit filed over wind farm

A group of homeowners living near Consumers Energy wind turbines in Riverton and Summit townships are currently suing the company for damages they say are caused by operating the turbines. There are 17 people who have joined as plaintiffs in the case, which was filed Monday. ...The 56-turbine park began operations on Thanksgiving Day 2012.
6 Apr 2013

McBain family sues wind turbine developer

The Wiltzer family claims to have suffered from numerous issues as a result of the wind turbine's construction, including sleep disturbance, dizziness, stress, fatigue, weight loss, headaches, motion disturbance, and so on. According to the suit, the members of the family live in a cottage in order to avoid the health effects of living near the wind turbine.
27 Aug 2012

Wind Association executive to state bureaucrats: 'delete these types of emails'

Written 14 months ago, the context of the email was what appears to have been a successful effort by government bureaucrats to derail a pending noise level reduction recommendation. The email advising state employees delete conversations was one of several emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act pertaining to the wind turbine noise level issue.
12 Jul 2012

Emmet wind turbine ordinance not likely to change

County officials began reviewing their relatively new wind ordinance after Lake Effect Energy Corporation proposed a 120-foot, 20 kilowatt wind turbine in Cross Village that failed to meet the county's required 30 decibel limit -- though average sound output for the wind turbine would be just shy of the allowable limit at 26.04 decibels.
9 Nov 2010

Monterey turbines: Getting a taste of 45 decibels

Monterey resident Nathan Steffen, who has a master's degree in industrial health from the University of Michigan and has supervised sound testing professionally, played the sound of a turbine and used a sound decibel meter to match the 45-decibel limit. "I'm just here to give the planning commission a reference point of what the difference in the sound level is," Steffen said. "We're simulating exactly what (they) have in the ordinance."
15 Apr 2010

Monterey hopes to limit sound from wind turbines

Monterey Township planning commission members hoped to quell the storm of protest to its wind energy ordinance by proposing several new amendments Tuesday, March 11. ...Amendments included a 45-decibel sound limit from each turbine at "non-associated" dwellings, which are houses that have not contractually agreed to host a turbine on their property, and a 50-decibel limit on non-associated property lines.
25 Mar 2010

Noise study fails to quiet some concerns

There was no dead air in the packed Huron County Circuit Court Room Wednesday as local residents and officials heard a presentation regarding findings from the Michigan Wind I noise study. During the Huron County Planning Commission's Feb. 3 meeting, John Deere Wind Energy officials presented the findings from the sound study, which found while the majority of the Michigan Wind I development near Ubly is in compliance, three sites measured exceeded the noise limit set in the county's wind ordinance by 1 decibel.
5 Mar 2010
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