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New Jersey company eyes West Michigan's wind farm possibilities

Bluewater will not propose specific projects in Michigan until regulatory rules have been established, O'Brien said. But the company has plans for the state. "We are having meetings in this area because of all that has been in the public spotlight," O'Brien told a group interested in offshore wind development at the MAREC event. "We are not proposing any specific project, but when we do, 'stakeholder outreach' is the most important and critical factor."
26 Jul 2010

Caution to the wind?

He said many municipalities in various states have been blindsided by such efforts, and he does not want that to happen here. "We want to make sure that the township officials and county officials know of all the options available for them under the law," he said. "We want them to be prepared so they can deal equitably with the situation."
23 Jul 2010

Great Lakes Wind Council's pitch meets skepticism at Grand Rapids meeting

Machek said she's concerned about the seeming urgency the council is placing on its charge from Gov. Jennifer Granholm to recommend legislation and guidelines for auctioning precious lakebeds and regulating the operations of wind turbines off Great Lakes shorelines "They say they're in a race to do this. It makes me wonder, do they really have the best interests of Michigan residents in mind?"
21 Jul 2010

Wind turbines permitted but can be regulated

A permitted-use project cannot be denied, according to state statute. Michael Homier, from the law firm of Foster Swift, told the special meeting of the Riga Township Planning Commission that it has to operate from that premise in drawing up zoning rules for wind turbines.
17 Jul 2010

County pulls contract with local assessors

In regard to Tuesday's claims McCallum and Kelterborn have a conflict of interest, both Vaughan and Commissioner Kurt Damrow stated the two had a conflict of interest after they publicly stated, at numerous meetings, that turbines will decrease property values.
14 Jul 2010

Large wind turbines will not be blowing in the township

The Grand Haven Township Board affirmed last week's Planning Commission recommendation that the township's current wind turbine ordinance not be amended. ..."If we do nothing, then large W.E.T.s (wind energy turbines) won't be in the township, but medium and small W.E.T.s can still be in the township."
13 Jul 2010

2 new wind districts OK'd

Though the topic was wind, there wasn't much of a breeze to be had during Tuesday's public hearing Huron County commissioners held to receive input on the creation of two new wind districts that could add about 50 new turbines in the area.
7 Jul 2010

Coalition gives alternative view of wind development

The coalition, a nonprofit organization of concerned citizens who want to protect the lakes, say they are opposed to any irresponsible offshore development that could harm the area. Coalition members say they are trying to work with local communities to make sure the right decisions are made about clean energy and the lake.
28 Jun 2010

Wind energy subcommittee discontinued

Citing the fact that the county now has a complaint resolution process in place for complaints relating to area wind energy developments, Huron County commissioners on Tuesday voted to dissolve the ad-hoc Wind Turbine Ordinance Subcommittee established in 2009 after some residents had filed noise complaints.
25 Jun 2010

We can't make mistake in lake

There has been a great deal of media coverage surrounding proposals to construct hundreds of wind turbines several miles off the coast of Mason, Oceana, Ottawa and Muskegon Counties. The Lake Michigan P.O.W.E.R. Coalition believes that a number of important facts have been lost in the public discussion - facts that are important to consider before handing over our most precious resource - our lakeshore - to an offshore wind developer.
24 Jun 2010

A slick presentation

Tri-Cities residents were treated to a slick presentation by Scandia Wind LLC wind farm developers at the Grand Haven High School Performing Arts Center Tuesday night. Developers implored area residents to make decisions based on "facts, not fear." Trouble is, Scandia's presentation was infested with non-facts.
19 Jun 2010
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