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Turbines in Michigan spur recall petitions

In Ogden Township, petitions are being circulated against Supervisor James Goetz and Clerk Phyllis Gentz. Both are accused of having conflicts of interest for lease agreements they signed with would-be developers for unspecified payments if any turbines are erected on their farmland.
21 Mar 2011

Wind turbines twirl cash, but many hesitate

Wind turbines are touted by developers as a source of clean, locally produced energy. But the huge turbines also produce a not-in-my-backyard backlash from some who fear declining property values because of noise, vibrations, and shadow-flickering. Concerns about digital TV reception also are being raised.
12 Mar 2011

Great Lakes Wind representatives discuss turbines at meeting

BLISSFIELD, Mich. - Experts from Great Lakes Wind LLC, a partner in the wind turbine projects being sought in Lenawee County, answered questions and attempted to ease fears about wind turbines at a seminar Monday in Blissfield. The company is one of three seeking to locate wind turbines in four Lenawee County townships: Riga, Ogden, Palmyra and Fairfield.
8 Mar 2011

Townships look to regulate wind turbines on the way

Those who harness wind power should have a better idea soon how strongly the political breezes are blowing for their industry in southeastern Lenawee County. Ogden Township, which has no zoning, is expected to discuss the potential impacts of wind projects when trustees meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Ogden Township Hall, 10128 Pence Highway, Blissfield.
8 Mar 2011

Another wind project, another hearing

A public hearing for another proposed wind overlay district in the area has been tentatively set for June 1, following action by the Huron County Planning Commission Wednesday evening. The district is for a project called "Apple Blossom" that's being developed by Geronimo Wind Energy, LLC, a utility-scale wind energy developer based in Edina, Minn., with two active wind farms in Minnesota and a pipeline of wind farms in various stages of development throughout the Midwest.
4 Mar 2011

More turbines shot in Ubly

Wind park officials reported another incident involving turbines being damaged by gunfire in the Michigan Wind I wind farm near Ubly. "In the lifespan of this park, there have been now five distinct separate incidents involving either firearm discharge or threats made to this site."
4 Mar 2011

Alternative energy forum draws turbine friends, foes

Issues range from shadow flickering to noise to lowered property values, they said. "Our politicians are trying to pound square pegs into round holes," said Tom Stacy, a critic of the wind industry who lives in Logan County and belongs to the national energy policy committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
6 Feb 2011

Residents share wind turbine concerns

Area residents who wanted to know more about concerns associated with wind farms had the opportunity to gather Sunday afternoon at Riverton Township Hall. More than 30 people met to discuss wind turbines and possible impacts if Consumers Energy is able to build its planned 56 476-foot-tall wind turbines in Riverton and Summit townships.
10 Jan 2011

Solar can be part of mix, but solutions lie elsewhere

Unfortunately, while the price tag and impact are a lot less than the biomass plant, so is the expected return. While the city-owned utility had hoped to build two or even three biomass plants and produce as much as 20 percent of the base load power the utility needs, the impact of solar will be much, much less.
26 Dec 2010

Take one down? Laker board discusses future of school's turbines

Without the turbines operating, the district would pay about $50,500 for electricity at the elementary school per year. Last year, the district saved $9,563 by running the wind turbines. However, because the district replaced the set of blades on the front turbine last year after the 2008 blade loss, the district ended up spending more money on the repair than what the turbines saved - about $3,000 to $4,000 more.
24 Dec 2010

Riga planners, residents hear more on ordinance

Work continues on developing ordinances for Riga Township covering wind turbines, and a large crowd attended a special meeting Thursday of the Township Planning Commission. Russ Lundberg from the Huron County Planning Commission was brought to Riga by Great Lakes LLC, which is affiliated with the John Deere Corp., to talk about his county's work on developing a zoning ordinance for wind turbines.
18 Dec 2010

Planning moves on for second Gratiot wind farm

Interest in wind farms in Gratiot County is continuing to grow. About 60 to 70 people filled the North Star Township Hall last week to learn more about a second proposed wind farm to be started by Beebe Community Wind Farms in Emerson, Lafayette, Hamilton and North Star townships.
14 Dec 2010

Riga planners set meeting for turbine ordinance

The Riga Township Planning Commission will hear from an expert in wind turbine zoning ordinances as work continues on drawing up a document for Riga. Great Lakes LLC, one of two companies seeking to put wind turbines in Riga, Ogden and Palmyra townships, will pay for the speaker's visit.
12 Dec 2010

Michigan wind council proposes offshore wind farm rules

The initial legislative language was introduced last week by Rep. Dan Scripps, D-Leland, to set up the process in which Michigan would entertain, investigate, manage and decommission wind turbines in the state's Great Lake waters. ...The Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council final report can be found at .
16 Nov 2010
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