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Judge rules CARRE's suit against met towers for Lake Winds Energy Park can go forward

A group opposing the construction of wind turbines in Riverton and Summit townships will have its day in court following Mason County Circuit Court Judge Richard I. Cooper Thursday's ruling that Citizens Alliance for Responsible Renewable Energy (CARRE) does have standing to sue to stop Consumers Energy from constructing seven 300-foot-tall meteorological (met) towers in the area.
31 Dec 2011

Garden Peninsula wind farm changes

Heritage recently drew an imaginary line across the Garden Peninsula, about a mile south of the Collins farm. All land south of that line is now off-limits to turbines. The decision has affected some people who agreed to a lease.
23 Dec 2011

Garden Peninsula Wind Turbines, Part 3

Comstock says it's interesting that on the one hand, one federal agency is saying the wind farm shouldn't be built because of potential issues with bald eagles and other migratory birds, while on the other hand, a different federal agency is offering money to build this project and others.
3 Dec 2011

Garden Peninsula wind turbines Part 2

A physician at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, Missouri believes infrasound can affect the inner ear. He acknowledges there's not enough documentation of the issue so far, but he wants further study. And he told an Ohio newspaper in October that if you live within a mile of a turbine, you're asking for trouble.
2 Dec 2011

Time runs out for Deerfield wind district petition

Carl Duda filed a notice of intent to file a petition to put the Deerfield Wind Energy Overlay District up for a vote of the people within the county's zoning jurisdiction. Duda then had 30 days to collect a minimum of 677 signatures and file the petition with the Huron County Clerk's Office. He had until the beginning of this week, but no petition was turned in.
2 Dec 2011

Michigan offshore wind projects stall

Meanwhile, wind energy has become a political football in Ontario. In February 2009, lawmakers passed the Green Energy Act that called for the province to increase its power generated from renewable sources from 8,300 megawatts to 10,000 megawatts by 2015. That legislation also sowed the seeds of opposition to wind power, said Beth Harrington of Wind Concerns Ontario.
12 Nov 2011

Status of some wind turbine sites changes

Michael Blaich, the FAA specialist who issued the notices of presumed hazard, said the finding results from the sites' proximity to the Toledo airport. Sites within a 13-mile radius of the airport are affected, Blaich said, and someone at the FAA missed the airport issue, which previously led him to mistakenly clear those 63 locations.
5 Nov 2011

Manistee Co. board supports wind farms

The board approved the resolution, 4-3, with commissioners Richard Schmidt, Ervin Kowalski, Glenn Lottie and Carl Rutske voting yes and Jim Krolczyk, Duane Anderson and Ken Hilliard voting no. Kaminiski said the county board does not control zoning in Manistee County, and it is instead ruled by the individual township governments.
27 Oct 2011

Commissioners OK Deerfield wind district

The Huron County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved the creation of the Deerfield Wind Energy Overlay District, which could host up to 100 wind turbines in the northeast portion of the county. During the board's Oct. 11 meeting, commissioners suspended discussion.
27 Oct 2011
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