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Essexville wind company says lack of local ordinances is hurting business

"I've got a ton of inventory," said Fonzi, owner of Affordable Green Energy, a distributor of small, electricity-generating windmills in Essexville. "But I can't put them in the air. They're sitting in boxes." That's because, Fonzi says, most local governments in the county haven't passed ordinances governing the installation of "small wind," or turbines that generate up to 100 kilowatts of power and are intended for homes and small businesses.
12 Jul 2009

A change blowing in the wind?

A public hearing scheduled for tonight to discuss Consumers Energy's requested amendments to the Mason County Zoning Ordinance is canceled. Consumers Energy was requesting changes to wind ordinances. Dennis Marvin and Dan Bishop of Consumers Energy said the hearing was canceled after the company withdrew one of two requested amendments.
9 Jul 2009

Wind draft fuels mixed reactions

While some expressed support for the Lake Township Planning Board's wind ordinance draft discussed during a public hearing Wednesday, others felt the proposed regulations are too restrictive. ..."Lake Township needs to be protected," said Lake Township resident Charlie Henry. " ... I'm in favor of the ordinance ... and I would like to see it supported." Numerous public comment was given during the planning board's more than three-hour long public hearing.
25 Jun 2009

Subcommittee plans meetings to address turbine complaints

Officials said the subcommittee recently formed to address a series of noise complaints the county has received regarding the Michigan Wind 1 development in Ubly will meet every Thursday. ...Damrow said Huron County Environmental Health Director Dale Lipar also was extended an invitation to participate in the subcommittee because this issue has to do with public health concerns raised by the residents who submitted the noise complaints.
19 Jun 2009

Residents seek wind turbine answers

There were windmill-shaped cookies offered as snacks at the Tustin Library last night, but citizens were really hungry for facts about what it was like to have a wind turbine as a neighbor. The meeting was sponsored by a group of landowners and citizens interested in the possibility of wind turbine power in Sherman Township.
19 Jun 2009

County addresses wind turbine issues

After receiving several letters of complaints from Huron County residents over the last several months regarding the effects wind turbines are having on their lives, the county is taking steps to properly address the issues. Advertisement At last week's Huron County Planning Commission meeting it was announced that a committee will be formed that will include commissioners David Peruski and Kurt Damrow, as well as three members from the Planning Commission.
10 Jun 2009

BP wants change in township wind ordinance

Although no specific project plans have been officially presented by BP Alternative Energy, the results from a 5-year-old wind-test tower on a township farm and a recent push in West Michigan and around the state to develop wind energy eventually could lead to construction of a 100-megawatt farm in northern Muskegon County and southern Oceana County.
25 May 2009

Bigger isn't better for wind power

Wind power kicks in 0.05 percent of the state's power. In spite of this marginal contribution, there remains a widespread misconception that giant wind turbines, situated in the right locations, are a viable alternative. Unfortunately, big wind farms have prohibitive costs for infrastructure and construction and are inefficient. ...Huge, rotating 80-foot blades catch the wind and are connected by a mammoth driveshaft to convert mechanical power into electrical energy. This is like having a diesel locomotive balanced on a 200-foot pole.
11 May 2009

Were they blown away? Lake Township presents wind ordinance draft

A drafted wind ordinance that's been in the works for more than a year was unveiled Wednesday during a local planning board meeting. But whether all provisions included in the draft will be adopted remains to be seen, as some of the conditions in the proposed ordinance may be interpreted as too restrictive. "We are disappointed with what we heard at the Lake Township Planning Commission meeting regarding the draft wind turbine zoning ordinance," said Matt Wagner, DTE Energy wind site development manager, in an e-mail Friday morning. "While we haven't had the opportunity to review the document in its entirety, it appears that the draft ordinance would make it difficult - if not impossible - to site commercial wind turbines anywhere in the township."
24 Apr 2009

Wind farm complaints lodged

While Michigan Wind 1 went into commercial operation about three months ago, the park's development, which was headed by Noble Environmental Power, LLC, took about five years. During that time, there were a large number of vocal opponents against the project. Much of the controversy circled around Huron County's wind overlay zoning provision in the county's zoning ordinance that governs wind parks.
19 Mar 2009

Wind turbine setbacks threaten our community

Current setbacks in Michigan allow a wind turbine to be constructed only 1,000 feet from an adjacent residence without the homeowners consent. This rule applies to all inhabited structures including schools, hospitals, churches, and public libraries. This distance of 1,000 feet is an arbitrary guideline recommended by the state of Michigan. Some residents who live too close to wind turbines complain of noise pollution and shadow flicker. Health problems and sleep disturbances have been documented in people living within one and a half miles of turbines.
20 Feb 2009

Lake Twp talks wind; Smith wants ordinance draft ready for May public hearing

Lake Township adopted a one-year moratorium on wind energy development in March 2008, so the planning commission would have time to study issues dealing with siting, noise effects, health concerns, possible property value decreases and other problems the board fears could arise if not properly addressed in a township ordinance the planning commission has been creating. Colletta said much progress has been made on the creation of a township wind ordinance.
18 Feb 2009

Holland passes new rules for residential, commercial wind turbines

Homeowners in the city now have the ability to generate their own electricity by harnessing energy generated by the wind. However, some city officials say it may take time for people to take advantage of the new ordinance, unanimously adopted tonight by the City Council. "...It creates two classes of wind turbine projects -- one geared toward residential use, the other more toward large-scale commercial projects.
5 Feb 2009

City makes it easier to put up energy-generating turbines

Wind turbines are now much easier to put up in the city, but officials don't expect them to dot the Holland skyline anytime soon. Before now, the city had no specific ordinances addressing turbines. The new language will allow them to be half as tall as the property up to 60 feet in residential areas. The restriction is designed as a fall zone. "It's all very dependent on the size of the property," planner Mark Vanderploeg said about height restrictions.
22 Jan 2009

BP Alternative considers wind farm in White River

Over five years ago, White River Township erupted in controversy when Wind Energy Conversions LLC began to lease land from farmers for a potential wind energy farm. ...But a wind farm could again be in the works, according Amanda Abbott, the director of government and public affairs for BP Alternative Energy.
19 Jan 2009

Lake Twp. split following election

"Given the principles and ethics that I live by, I cannot continue to work at the township with a clear conscience. It is a conflict of interest for board members to vote on issues that they have a financial interest in, it is morally wrong to deliberately embarrass fellow board members at public meetings, and elected officials are not suppose to use the office to further their own personal agendas," Bolten's letter reads. "The voters of Lake Township have spoken, and the majority has shown their support for this type of government. I, however, cannot be a part of it." Much of the community's divisiveness stems from possible wind projects in the area.
19 Nov 2008

Residents can give feedback on wind turbines

Wind turbines could soon be allowed to dot Holland's skyline, but there will be limits. ...Federal Aviation Administration regulations won't allow larger commercial wind turbines because of height limits near Tulip City Airport, Ottawa Executive Airport and Park Township Airport. The restriction is based on a formula that says the closer a turbine is to an airport, the lower to the ground it must be.
10 Nov 2008

Calumet Twp. considers wind turbine rules

Paul Lehto, Calumet Township supervisor, said Wednesday the township board of trustees has been considering the possibility of establishing rules allowing the development of wind power in the township for residences and businesses. "We are developing two ordinances," Lehto said. The two ordinances would apply to small wind turbines, which would be used predominantly by residences, Lehto said, and large turbines, which would probably be used for businesses.
31 Oct 2008
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