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In Picturesque U.P. Peninsula, It's Birds v. Wind Turbines

A wind energy developer who wants to erect 400-foot tall wind turbines on a picturesque U.P. peninsula is getting resistance from environmental groups concerned that the spinning blades threaten migratory and other birds including bald eagles. The developer, called Heritage Sustainable Energy, already operates 14 wind turbines on the Garden Peninsula, located in Delta County, and wants to add 21 more there.
30 Jun 2017

Commissioner to developer: Why did you ignore U.S. Fish and Wildlife

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wrote to the county in October to say land area within three miles of the Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay shorelines needs to be protected from wind energy development. Months later, planners gave the go-ahead to a developer with plans to put at least 20 wind turbines within two to three miles of Saginaw Bay. On Tuesday, County Commissioner Ron Wruble questioned why a developer would ignore the federal agency’s directive.
14 Feb 2015

Advocate for birds wants safer wind turbines

“If municipalities are going to go by avian studies that are funded by turbine developers, they’re not going to find mention of something such as this migration that has been documented since 1991. Right now, we are relying on numbers from the exact corporations that don’t want to find any dead birds, because any dead birds they find is subjected to prosecution and fines.”
5 Sep 2014

Federally protected birds at risk from expansion of wind development near Lake Michigan

“There are relatively few places where wind development would be much worse for birds than Michigan’s Garden Peninsula,” said Hutchins. “The development is in a key migratory corridor, is located very near another such corridor, and is in close proximity to three designated Important Bird Areas, including a critical breeding area for the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler, which lies just to the east.”
3 Sep 2014

U.S. Fish and Wildlife goes for birds, against Muskegon County's wind turbine plan

Muskegon County's effort to "go green" is running up against an unlikely foe: the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which says the county's proposal to erect wind turbines would endanger birds. County officials are considering installing three commercial-size turbines on a capped landfill at the county's massive wastewater site. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials have written a letter opposing the proposed project.
15 Apr 2010

Thumb-area township may halt windmill development over concerns for migratory birds

A wave of wind development blowing across Michigan's Thumb may be halted by tundra swans and other wildlife. DTE Energy has signed up 25,000 acres of farmland for as many as 250 windmills across the Thumb. But plans for up to 43 windmills on 4,300 acres in Lake Township have some residents and bird experts crying fowl - as in waterfowl. They believe erecting windmills in the township will result in bird kills and injuries, from birds being chopped up or injured by windmill blades.
2 Nov 2007

Wind power for the birds? Turbine blades can be lethal for birds and bats

Sometimes it's not easy being green. Proponents say Michigan is ideal for wind generation, a Green Power energy source that is pollution free and self renewing. But some worry that spinning wind turbine blades up to 85-feet long could be lethal scythes for migrating birds, especially if, as some predict, wind generation gathers steam in Michigan.
29 Nov 2005
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