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Riga wind projects draw critics; more meetings set

"We will have as many meetings as you want," township supervisor Jefferee Simon said. "Wind turbine regulations are in the hands of the planning commission." "We are being asked to make decisions on things that will happen in this community," Karg said. "We need to do our due diligence and take advice of legal counsel so we are not set up for lawsuits."
14 Jul 2010

Monterey ethics debate continues

Controversy stems from the fact that three planning commission members Karon Knobloch, Earl Collier, and Milton Johnson have signed options for easements with energy companies while the commission works on amending a wind energy ordinance, designed to regulate the construction and use of 450-foot industrial wind turbines.
9 Jun 2010

Lake Twp weighs adopting county's wind ordinance

Local officials briefly discussed Monday adopting the county's wind energy zoning ordinance to govern future wind developments in this township. The matter was proposed by Supervisor Robert T. Smith, who has been researching wind energy zoning ordinances since the Lake Township Board of Trustees voted April 20 to reject the wind energy zoning ordinance.
18 May 2010

County adopts wind zoning ordinances

After nearly a year of discussions regarding what, if any, changes should be made to the county's wind ordinance, the Huron County Board of Commissioners Tuesday adopted a slew of wind ordinance amendments to increase protections for nonparticipating landowners.
12 May 2010

Council discusses wind turbine rule

The city council wants to limit taller wind turbines to east of Blue Star Highway, as part of a proposed new city wind energy ordinance. The council reviewed the draft ordinance that was recommended by city planners. City Manager Brian Dissette said the council's suggestions will be forwarded to the planning commission for further discussion.
9 May 2010

Wind ordinance changes recommended

Huron County planning commissioners voted Wednesday to recommend adopting proposed wind ordinance amendments that increase setbacks and decrease turbine noise limits for nonparticipating landowners. ...The ordinance can be read online at under the "Zoning Ordinance" link listed on the Building and Zoning Department's web page.
6 May 2010

Lake Township board rejects wind ordinance

Local officials earlier this week rejected the Lake Township wind energy zoning ordinance that was referred by the local planning commission earlier this year. "It's was just too restrictive - no one could do anything with it," said Lake Township Supervisor Robert T. Smith on Thursday. During a special meeting Tuesday morning, the Lake Township Board of Trustees voted 3 to 1 to reject the ordinance.
24 Apr 2010

South Haven looks at regulating wind turbines

Despite a federal government assessment that South Haven has "excellent" potential for generating wind power, the Lake Michigan resort community has no rules in place to regulate wind turbines that could alter its skyline. "We know that there is a potential big push for alternative forms of energy like solar and wind," said City Manager Brian Dissette.
13 Mar 2010

Wind ordinance amendments reviewed

Huron County Planning Commission members on Wednesday reviewed a cyclone of ordinance amendments and voted to tentatively schedule a public hearing to garner input on proposed revisions to the county's wind ordinance. The hearing will take place April 7, provided the Huron County Wind Energy Subcommittee agrees with the recommended amendments to the county's overlay wind ordinance.
6 Mar 2010

Commission tables small turbine ordinance

A resolution allowing for the use of residential wind turbines in certain areas was tabled for the second consecutive month following action taken by the Huron County Planning Commission on Wednesday. Huron County planning commissioners tabled the motion last month after Huron County Corporation Counsel Stephen J. Allen advised the draft be revised so a layperson reading it can have an easy understanding of what is and is not allowed.
8 Jan 2010

Residential turbine ordinance tabled

Huron County Planning Commissioners on Wednesday tabled a recommendation to amend the county's ordinance to allow for the use of residential wind turbines in certain areas. "Obviously, this is a hot topic ... I feel the tension running in the room on these issues," said Corporation Counsel Stephen J. Allen, who added he went to Wednesday's planning commission meeting not only to offer input, but to hear comment given during the public hearing.
4 Dec 2009

Should turbine zoning remain local?

The public has spoken, but the question is, will the state listen to what they said? Just over a month ago, the Wind Energy Resource Zone Board (WERZB) submitted their final report to the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) on what four areas of the state have the "highest level of wind energy harvest potential." The next step in the process is for the MPSC to look at wind turbine setback requirements and noise limitations.
3 Dec 2009

Public hearing on residential wind turbines planned

A public hearing will be held during Wednesday's Huron County Planning Commission meeting regarding proposed amendments to add provisions to the county's zoning ordinance that allow the use of residential wind turbines in certain areas. Russ Lundberg, Huron County Building and Zoning director, said he has not heard any sort of response from the public or local government officials since notices of Wednesday's public hearing went out about two weeks ago.
1 Dec 2009

Renewable energy ordinance needs tweaking

The Whitehall Planning Commission is going back to the drawing board in preparing an ordinance to regulate development of renewable energy sources within the city. The planners came to that conclusion following its regular monthly meeting, Oct. 6, which mostly was filled with discussion about a draft ordinance first presented to the board in August. ...Now, planners may not hold a hearing before the end of the year.
19 Oct 2009

Wind energy rules eyed

Currently, there are no wind turbines generating electricity in Grand Ledge, and there are none planned. But, when and if someone decides to build one, the city plans to be ready. "The primary reason the Planning Commission wanted to proceed was to have something in place to protect the public should somebody choose to put in a wind conversion device," said Grand Ledge Mayor Kalmin Smith.
4 Oct 2009

Whitehall planners to review renewable energy ordinance

A draft Renewable Energy Source ordinance submitted to the City Planning Commission at its meeting Aug. 4, is on the planners' agenda on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 7 p.m. ...Helmlinger said the city is concerned about the safety and aesthetics of wind turbines and solar panels mounted on roofs of homes. The ordinance will control design and installation of wind turbines, including visual appearance, and will limit its height. The noise level is limited, and shadow flicker from the turbine blades must be minimized.
28 Sep 2009

Wind energy ordinance breezes through village planning process

A wind energy ordinance breezed through the village's Planning Commission process Tuesday night with no objections. Commissioners unanimously approved the ordinance, modeled after suggested Ottawa County language. Village Council will make a final decision on it, possibly as early next month. The Planning Commission made a few changes to the county model - including reducing height restrictions from 120 feet to 50 feet.
26 Aug 2009
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