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New wind district OK'd

After relatively little public comment, the nine-member Huron County Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the Pheasant Run Wind Energy Overlay District Wednesday evening during a special meeting and public hearing.
1 Apr 2011

Wind district public hearing set for March

A public hearing will be held late next month regarding a new wind district to facilitate Pheasant Run, a possible wind farm on the southwest side of the county, following action by the Huron County Planning Commission Wednesday. Pheasant Run is one of two projects that RES Americas submitted requests for new wind districts in September 2010.
19 Feb 2011

Foes cry ‘tilt' in township windmill talks

Monday's arctic air didn't quell heated rhetoric as the Saugatuck Township Planning Commission again mulled and tabled establishing windmill standards. "Our question is, ‘Will the township establish procedures regarding sites, setbacks, noise, vibrations, quantity and more or have standards set for us?'" Citizen Vicki Lepior didn't buy it. "They want to put one of these turbines in my back yard," she said. "They are noisy, dangerous and an eyesore."
27 Jan 2011

Berkley zones for wind turbines

Roof-mounted turbines that don't exceed 10 feet in height and only create energy for on-site uses will be allowed throughout Berkley, including single-family residential areas, following an administrative review and approval for building and electrical permits. However, locations will be limited for other kinds of wind energy systems.
29 Dec 2010

Zoning Board nixes variance for wind turbine

Harbor Springs-based Lake Effect Energy Corporation is seeking to install a 120-foot, 20 kilowatt turbine point-of-use energy generator ...However, as it is outlined in the plans submitted to Emmet County, the wind turbine would exceed the 35 decibel sound restriction on wind energy systems.
24 Dec 2010

Cass County township mulls ban on wind power

A proposed ordinance to ban commercial wind-energy development in Volinia Township in northeastern Cass County could be adopted by the township board on Dec. 13. ...Johnson said the planning commission based its decision, in part, on a survey of property owners ...Respondents indicated wind mills would destroy the rustic beauty of the area and produce noise and unwanted light, she said.
2 Dec 2010

Riga planners recommend one year moratorium on wind farm issue

“We need a moratorium of at least 12 months to allow the time necessary to study the issue further,” he said, “and I would also recommend that a seven-resident panel be formed to tie our citizens in with the process.” Martis’ research into what other communities have done in response to wind farm development proposals had led him to a study conducted by another commission.
3 Aug 2010
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