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Winds change; turbine plant closes

A wind turbine plant has closed just months after announcing a $2.5 million expansion and plans to add 90 workers. Ron McNees, co-owner of the plant's parent company, blamed the closing on the ongoing struggles with green energy. It joins a list of other faltering or failed green projects.
17 Mar 2013

Voters blow away Reading Township wind project

For now, wind power will stay out of Reading Township. That was the decision of residents of Reading, a township 11 miles southwest of Hillsdale, in a referendum on Feb. 26, the vote followed a long, fierce debate over Duke Energy's proposed Hillsdale Windpower Project.
14 Mar 2013

Holland BPW approves 16.8MW wind contract

The power purchase agreement with the MPPA for 16.8 MW of wind generation will start out at less than 4.5 cents per kwh and escalate at 2.5 percent per year over the course of 20 years. The HBPW anticipates Holland will start receiving energy through this contract by August 2014.
12 Mar 2013

Michigan Public Service Commission to decide turbine argument

"Mr. Baldwin wants to interconnect a 100-kilowatt wind generator to the Alger Delta system. Mr. Baldwin's wind generator is 10 to 50 times larger than other renewable generation projects on our system. Mr. Baldwin's generator can create unsafe backfeed conditions on our system and/or create voltage problems that could damage other member-consumers electronics, equipment, and appliances."
29 Jan 2013

Commissioners OK Clinton County wind project

Ken Wieber, a farmer who has fought the project at every step, compared the approval process to watching a traffic crash develop in slow motion over several years. He challenged commissioners to recognize what he said was growing evidence of adverse health effects related to wind turbines.
29 Jan 2013

Traverse City utility may pull plug on windmill

The windmill was considered unique when Traverse City Light & Power erected it in 1996 along M-72 in Leelanau County's Elmwood Township. But the utility still hasn't recovered the $785,000 cost, and the turbine recently was down for four months while officials hunted for a $38,000 part.
12 Jan 2013

Elmwood turbine may be near end of life

The wind turbine constructed in 1996 by Traverse City Light & Power on M-72 in Elmwood Township hasn't worked properly for over four months. The turbine initially broke down Aug. 28. It took four months to find and obtain a replacement part at a cost of almost $38,000.
11 Jan 2013

Bengal Twp. approves wind turbine ordinance

A 5-0 vote by the Bengal Township board to adopt a more restrictive wind-turbine ordinance than the one passed earlier this year by Clinton County has not stopped Forest Hill Energy, LLC from pursuing is proposal to create and 40-tower project in the county. Bengal joins Dallas and Essex townships in approving the more restrictive ordinances.
7 Dec 2012

Wind turbine taxes remain an issue

The Huron County Board of Commissioners is still hoping for a legislative solution to its dispute over the taxation of wind turbines. Commissioner Steve Vaughan talked at Tuesday's meeting about a conference he had on Monday, discussing state Rep. Kurt Damrow's House Bills 5278 and 5279.
28 Nov 2012

County puts halt on new wind energy

"With the instability, uncertainty and lack of direction related to the issues pertaining to wind energy throughout the State, the Huron County Board of Commissioners will not schedule any additional wind turbine action on the Board's agenda until there is resolution to these issues," the letter stated. The decision will not affect any ongoing wind turbine projects.
14 Nov 2012

DEQ donates wind turbine at Bay City office to community college, repairs too expensive

The Department of Environmental Quality has decided not to repair the wind turbine, which began malfunctioning last year, that once stood at the agency's Bay City office. Kevin King, chief of field operations facilities for the DEQ, said that the department donated the turbine to Kalamazoo Valley Community College due to the prohibitive cost of repairs.
13 Nov 2012

County hopes for compromise on turbine taxes

The dispute's roots go back to the fall of 2011 when the state tax commission lowered the taxable value of wind turbines. Wind turbines went from a 100 percent assessment in year one, with a scheduled depreciation to 30 percent value in 15 years, to an 80 percent initial assessment, with a depreciation to 30 percent value in six years.
17 Oct 2012

Hearing on proposed wind farm draws 100; 40 turbines proposed for Fowler area

Richard James of E-coustic Solutions in East Lansing spoke in technical terms about the dangers of the noise emissions from the turbines. His primary message seemed to be that it isn't the audible sounds from the turbines that cause health problems. It's the deep, modulated rumble that causes nausea, migraines and other symptoms in sensitive individuals.
12 Oct 2012
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