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Wind farm ordinance on the ballot

The changes to the wind project ordinance were brought to a special election after township residents filed a petition to have the changes put up for a vote with a referendum. Alan Jon Burrell, Reading Township supervisor said the special election will give everyone in Reading Township to weigh in on the wind farm ordinance.
25 Feb 2013

Bengal Township restricts wind turbine projects

Bengal Township has joined the list of local governments imposing stricter wind turbine ordinances than current Clinton County regulations. In a 5-0 vote during a special meeting Thursday night, the Bengal Township Board of Trustees joined Dallas and Essex townships in approving a more restrictive measure.
1 Dec 2012

Lake Twp. to enter transfer talks

Lake Township Board Trustee Dale Hartsell said he thinks it would be best to take a second look at the zoning ordinance before agreeing to the land transfer. "I'd like to keep our land in Lake Township and try to work on the ordinance some more to see if we can come up with something everyone can agree on," he said.
23 May 2012

Palmyra Township voters reject wind turbine ordinance

"I hope the Palmyra leadership will take a second look at the state-recommended model ordinance that is in effect in Riga which requires the consent of all the taxpayers in the township, instead of an ordinance like that rejected in Palmyra that effectively causes people to give up their future development rights to outside industrial wind developers."
9 May 2012

Palmyra Township reverses course on wind turbines

Wednesday’s action was a change from earlier this month, when the board approved amendments that would have made the ordinance stricter than the one that had been drafted by its planning commission and endorsed by the Lenawee County Planning Commission. ...But on Wednesday, the board went back to the original language on two key points.
28 Oct 2011
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