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Turbine break blamed on manufacturing anomaly

The cause for the wind turbine blade that broke in Chandler Township last month has been found, according to the company that manufactures the blades. A General Electric spokeswoman released a statement Monday, explaining the cause of the Nov. 8 blade break at the Echo Wind Park was a spar cap-manufacturing irregularity.
18 Dec 2013

Paris voters tough on turbines

With a vote of 87-48, residents decided to reinforce a zoning ordinance approved in May by the Paris Township Board. The ordinance states that turbines must be 2,000 feet from all property owners who did not participate in the wind project.
7 Nov 2013

Rogers City wind farm plans missing a few pieces

A few missing pieces remain, including an owner/operator, a power grid connectivity review and another step from the county, Redburn said. If a buyer bites, the wind farm would need a considerable amount of temporary workers to build it. Swan Bay Wind would maintain a presence, both as a majority shareholder and with an office in town, Smillie said. Any landowners could negotiate directly with the local company, rather than the owner/operator.
10 Oct 2013

County board negotiates with Exelon

Exelon asked that commissioners allow the company to replace the $1 million surety bond and corporate guarantee for decommissioning with a bond supplemented by a guarantee from Continental Wind, a wholly owned subsidiary of Exelon. The company has stated the change is needed because the current system of guaranteeing the funds forces Exelon to keep the $1 million on their books, preventing the company from making future investments.
10 Oct 2013

County wants appraiser for turbine issue

Wruble is referring to the values that are being reported by owners of local wind energy developments. ..."From one township to another, or one development to another, they're not consistent on what is being reported," Wruble said. "... There should be some semblance of consistency, being they're relatively the same type of application and equipment (that were) built at the same time."
12 Sep 2013

County board rejects change in energy deal

The Huron County Board of Commissioners opted not to allow a change in the decommissioning funding for Exelon's Harvest II Wind farm at its Tuesday morning meeting. Exelon had requested changing the $1 million from a performance bond and a corporate guarantee to a letter of credit from an A-grade bank.
11 Jul 2013

Leaseholders air energy complaints

Commissioner Jeremy Tietz said the leaseholders had come to him and asked if there was anything the board could do in the face of disagreement between them and Next Era Energy over turbine placement. ...Project Manager Ryan Pumford told the Tribune that the company had come to an agreement with the leaseholders saying that they were able to meet most of the requests.
21 Jun 2013

Xcel sues New Era wind project

Xcel's legal filing claims New Era agreed to pay delay damages if it did not meet various milestone dates. That language was approved by the PUC in 2010 for two 39-megawatt contracts. Additionally, Xcel's lawsuit claims that New Era was required to establish a security fund totaling $5.85 million ...the fund was never created.
19 Jun 2013

County planners OK 88-turbine wind project

It was a full house at Wednesday night's Huron County Planning Commission meeting. So full, in fact, that they moved it to a different house - the district courthouse. A crowd of more than 50 saw planners approve a site plan review for NextEra's Pheasant Run Wind Project, 6-1.
7 Jun 2013

Wind splits another township

All seats were filled and residents lined the walls at the Paris Township Hall Monday night as the board held a second public hearing seeking input regarding a zoning ordinance that some argue is too restrictive and others say will be fair to all.
23 May 2013

When renewable energy shoots itself in the foot

If you're wondering how in the world this project could be economically viable for anybody involved - and the partners are the city of Ann Arbor; Ann Arbor Public Schools; and Wind Products, the company that estimated the output - it's all about the subsidy. The U.S. Department of Energy is ready to pony up $951,000 in taxpayer money for the $1.44 million project.
27 Apr 2013
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