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At least 15 dead in southern Mexico wind-farm feud killings

A longstanding feud over a wind-power project has boiled over into grisly violence, after at least 15 people were bludgeoned to death with stones and cement blocks, and some bodies were partly burned. The government of the Pacific coast community of San Mateo del Mar in Oaxaca state said Monday that 13 men and two women were killed in what he described as an attack by a group of dissident townspeople on Sunday.
23 Jun 2020

Renewables shock as Mexico scraps clean energy tender

With several large investors already lined up for the tender, the cancellation will raise doubts about the continuation of Mexico’s clean energy programme. The government said that although investors can contest the cancellation, it will not refund what companies spent to prepare for the process.
1 Feb 2019

Dutch pension manager, PGGM, stops windfarm Mexico

On the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, a strong wind is always blowing, which makes it one of the best places in the world to generate wind energy. Since 1994, 24 wind farms have been erected in the region. One proposal, to be funded by Dutch pension fund manager PGGM would include 132 turbines. At 396 megawatts, it would be the largest wind farm in Mexico. The project is budgeted at 750 million euros. Other investors to the project included Mitsubishi and the Australian investment group Macquarie.
23 Apr 2016

Mexico planning $46 billion coast-to-coast wind-energy push

Mexico is planning to quadruple its wind-power capacity as part of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s effort to transform the country’s energy industry. The country expects to have about 10 gigawatts of turbines in operation within three years spread across almost every region, up from 2.5 gigawatts in 2014.
21 Oct 2015

Militants stop 396MW Marena project in Mexico

Opposition to the project first came to light last year when members of the local indigenous Huave community forced the mayor to destroy a building permit he had signed with developer Marena. At the same time, a Huave Indian group in the neighbouring town of San Mateo del Mar issued a statement saying it will "take up arms" if the project goes ahead as planned.
16 May 2013

Dutch wind farm in trouble in Mexico

Dutch pension fund PGGM is the under fire in Mexico because of its plans for a wind farm in the south of the country. Furious local farmers and fishermen are demanding that the project be abandoned. ...The protestors say they've had death threats from community leaders who are determined to see the project go ahead at all costs.
11 Sep 2012

Cozumel Wind Farm blown off course

The Cozumel wind farm project has been criticized for its plans to construct turbines on ecologically sensitive parts of the island, including nature reserves that are protected by local, national and international laws and agreements.
28 Aug 2012

Hawk versus turbine; If wind power is green, tell it to the birds

Erecting thousands of wind turbines along a major migration corridor would seemingly fail a fundamental requirement for bird-safe wind energy: correct siting. A World Bank document about one of the Tehuantepec wind farms states "avian impacts are not expected to be significant," but a case study of another wind farm admits "concern about the potential cumulative impacts of the many additional wind farms planned in the same general area."
26 Aug 2012

SDG&E wind-farm project up for vote this week

At $106.50 per megawatt hour, Energia Sierra Juarez would charge more than double the price of the most cost-efficient wind farms in the United States. Those are located in the Texas and the Midwest, according to Mark Bolinger, a research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
20 Mar 2012

Wind power: Clean energy, dirty business?

Wind power is sweeping the globe: It's clean energy, but it does have some dirty business aspects that hit the developing world particularly hard. This is part of the cover story package in the Jan. 30 issue of The Christian Science Monitor magazine.
28 Jan 2012

Wind parks take over indigenous lands

A wind power project on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in southeastern Mexico has stripped massive amounts of land and natural resources from hundreds of indigenous campesinos in Oaxaca. Those affected are mostly from non-Spanish speaking indigenous communities. Members were manipulated into giving up their lands in up to 60-year tenancy contracts through misinformation.
14 Aug 2008

Farmers and scientists see risks in wind energy

The Mexican government is preparing a big wind energy project, but peasant farmers and bird experts aren’t too happy about it. The government’s aim is for wind-generated electricity — which now accounts for just 0.005 percent of the energy generated in Mexico — to reach six percent by 2030. The project has the blessing of some big corporations and environmentalists. Achieving that goal involves setting up more than 3,000 turbines in Mexico’s windiest zone, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the southern state of Oaxaca, as well as several other wind farms around the country with dozens of turbines each. But erecting the windmills, tall towers with a 27-metre blade span, requires negotiating with landowners, most of whom are farmers. Some have complained that they were taken advantage of when the first wind farm was created in 1994. Meanwhile, ornithologiests experts warn that many bird species are at risk of being killed by the giant blades, which could cause an environmental chain reaction across the continent, because various birds are migratory. “Everything is bent towards facilitating the wind farms, but there is not much interest in the birds, which in the long term could bring much broader problems,” RaGBPl Ortiz-Pulido, spokesman for the Mexican office of BirdLife International, told Tierramerica.
3 Mar 2007
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