Pictures from Massachusetts

Blade failure in Michigan

04236_wind2_thumb DTE Energy found a part of a blade had fallen off one of its turbines located at the Thumb wind facility in Michigan. The Thumb wind facility went into commercial operation in December 2012. The project consists of 110-megawatt (MW) (69 1.6-megawatt GE wind turbines).
11 Mar 2013

Nantucket High School turbine location

Nantuckeths_turbine_thumb This image shows the location of Nantucket High School's newly sited 100-kilowatt wind turbine. The turbine stands about 160-feet tall including the blade. The radius of the circle is approximately 50 feet. There does not appear to be any safety or fall zone around the turbine to protect students from collapse or blade/ice throw.
1 Oct 2010

Marston Mills wind turbine failure

Marstonmillswindturbine031410b_thumb Two blades of a wind turbine were blown off during the strong nor’easter ravaging Cape Cod. According to spectators near the scene, two blades atop the approximately 60 foot wind turbine blew off around noon. A section of the blades could be seen on the ground approximately 100 feet from the wind turbine. Editor's note: According to news reports, the Aircon-10 turbine was erected in May 2009. It has a capacity of 10 kilowatts and stands 100-feet tall from base to blade tip.
14 Mar 2010

Turbine blades with ice buildup

Ice_on_blade-2_thumb This 300-foot industrial-scale turbine (600 kw) in Newburyport, MA is sited just 319-feet from the public pedestrian rail trail, 350-feet from heavily-traveled U.S. Route 1, and 800-feet from the nearest residence. During the public hearing process, the developer insisted "[the turbine] was a long way from the rail trail and if the ice did shed it would be directly below." This photo is provided to by concerned residents in the City of Newburyport, MA. A video showing the ice can be viewed here: .
23 Feb 2009

Newburyport turbine balloon test

Newburyportturbinecemetery-cell_tower_thumb Balloons were flown in Newburyport, MA to demonstrate the height of the proposed industrial wind turbine. Two balloons on a single tether were flown to show the height of the tower and the overall height including the structure including the blades. The balloons are white and difficult to distinguish against the white clouds. The height of the proposed turbine, 300-feet, far exceeds the height of all other objects in the area.
1 Aug 2008

Simulation: Eastham MA.

Turbine623_thumb This photo shows a representation of how 196.85-foot-tall wind turbines might appear at the former Tilcon site on Nauset Road in North Eastham. The proposed turbines for this site would be close to 400 feet tall.
23 Jun 2006
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