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Electrical fire at wind turbine

The fire was confined to electrical equipment on the first floor, said Fire Chief Andy Theriault afterwards. “There was no extension,” he added. Theriault said smoke filled up the tower and eventually vented from the top of the 260-foot structure.
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Brown calls for fed probe of Cape Wind

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown yesterday joined the growing chorus of critics calling for a federal probe into Cape Wind, saying officials have been aware of safety concerns "forever" and raising questions about whether the hotly debated Nantucket Sound project was born from "backroom deals."
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Getting serious about setbacks

This week, utility giant National Grid teamed up with Nantucket High School in Massachusetts to erect a 100 kilowatt wind turbine on school property. The 158-foot turbine [1] is located immediately adjacent to the school's football and baseball fields and by the road that runs behind the school.
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Turbine impacts and our Green Community

Proponents of wind energy state that blade failures, fires and collapse are small in relation to the number of turbines and we should not consider those failures when siting. How does that protect abutting businesses and residents? I witnessed the process steamroll through to develop Port's standards — decreased from what the state models recommended for safe setbacks to property lines for ice throw, blade throw and collapse. Ours is only 150 feet, not even the minimum of 1x turbine height (Mass DOER recommends 1.5x).
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Turbine turbulence

One of the largest businesses in town is working toward going green. Decas Cranberry Company in South Carver has proposed installing a test tower to measure the wind on the property in an effort to determine whether a wind turbine would be a viable future energy source for the company.
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Wind turbine sited too close to structures

I am extremely opposed to the location of the 300-foot, high wind turbine at the Mark Richey property, 49 Parker St. I am not opposed to alternative energy but, just as the discovery of X-rays had everyone getting new "pictures" taken, to later discover the ramifications of incorrect use of this technology, we cannot build enormous hazardous turbines in such close vicinity to habitable structures industrial and residential.
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Helicopter hovers over turbine site

Massachusetts were shelved temporarily yesterday after officials were informed a wind turbine in Oregon collapsed and took a life four days earlier. Conveying the news, Michael Faherty, the attorney for Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, had to raise his voice over the noise of a helicopter hovering above Blackburn Industrial Park. The helicopter was brought in by Varian to show the council and community how high and visible the twin turbines would be. ... The towers would rise 328 feet from their bases with blade heights adding another 168 feet, for a total of 496 feet - roughly the height of a 30-story building.
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Mihos misses mark on wind farm status

The Cape Wind proposal reared its head in last night's gubernatorial debate, the second of four meetings among the candidates before November's election. While it came as little surprise that the issue would emerge as political sniping fodder, a comment made by independent candidate and Cape businessman Christy Mihos received an icy reception from Cape Wind officials reached after the debate. ''The government has put a moratorium on it,'' Mihos said of the 130-turbine offshore wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound. Mihos framed his comment at the Springfield debate around a U.S. Department of Defense report released last week that raised questions about the effect of industrial-sized wind turbines on military radar.
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